Five Crazy Locations Where “The Dead Files” Was Filmed

The Dead Files, a show that is all about paranormal research and the quest for proof that it exists, is a show that many upon many people are divided on when it comes to being real. The show has gone to some truly crazy places where it’s been said that strange unparalleled things have occurred, but in all fairness the criticisms and supporters of the show all have valid points to bring to bear. Mediums have been getting a bad reputation for a long time now since frauds and fakes have been seen to make a quick buck by picking up on and noticing small, innocuous things about people and places that they can comment on in order to make people believe what they’re saying is real and insightful. But on this show it’s hard to know whether or not the whole thing is real, or if it’s just another stage that’s designed to get the attention of the viewers.

Here’s a few crazy places that the show has been during its run.

5. Erieville, New York

The word ‘portal’ can mean a lot of things, like a commonplace door for instance. But on a show like this you almost expect it to mean that they’ve found a portal to another world, another dimension, or straight to the bowels of hell. Let’s face it, this show isn’t trying to find spirits that are playful or just meandering about without intent to harm anyone. They’re going after spirits that have been known to stem from violent histories and are aggressive in a way that suggests that the people suffering under their presence are actually scared and might seem less than wise for sticking around so long.

4. Acampo, California

The moment you hear the word ‘phantoms’ you think of dark, foreboding shapes that seem to have no real substance to them but feel malevolent all the same. This particular home seems to be infested with the things and while they’re typically not able to be seen the feeling they tend to bring with them is so unpleasant that simply being near one is unsettling. The doubt that shrouds this show however comes from more than the play on words that its name suggests, but also from the fact that Amy never seems to deviate from the word usage that is heard within each episode, almost like a litany that she’s grown comfortable with.

3. Cramerton, North Carolina

It’s easy to understand that some people collect dolls, it’s a hobby and it’s something that people tend to enjoy. But the moment one of those dolls moves on their own without anything to help them do it then it’s time to bug the hell out. Yet for all that those that are subjected to these dolls and their various movements in this episode are less than convinced that they should leave. Rule one of living with a house full of dolls, expect other people to find it creepy. There are simply too many movies out there that have featured dolls as implements for spirits to use to be comfortable with this type of assignment.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s said in this episode that Amy comes face to face with an apparition that has a shocking secret to tell her. When the person that knows anything about this matter tells you that you need to get out because the place is evil though it might pay to listen. Ghosts, should they exist and should they be composed of the energies that so many think are negative and distinctly aggressive, you would think that it might be time to hang it up and admit that it’s real, and that they are truly ready to do some harm if they’re given the chance. But again, the need to criticize is still there thanks to the style of filming.

1. Alcatraz, San Francisco, California

There’s a heavy amount of belief in the occult and energies that are exceedingly dark in many facets of life that many people choose to believe in, and for that reason places like Alcatraz are, by and large, places that many people feel should be avoided at all costs. This prison housed some of the worst of the worst, and despite historical facts and statistics there’s nothing to say that the men in this prison didn’t leave behind something that was able to stick around and thereby become a nuisance or something worse. The one thing that seems fair to say is that if the spirits ever realized just how much influence they had over the living, things might go from from extremely creepy to quite dangerous.

It’s very easy to scoff at this show and call it anything but factual, especially since the dramatizations and the music and use of light is all meant to get people interested and keep them that way. But in all honesty if you ever walk past a single spot and feel a sudden chill it’s hard to not believe in such things.

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