The Mindy Project 2.17 and 2.18 Review: “Be Cool” and “Girl Crush”

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FOX is being extremely nice to The Mindy Project fansLast week, we were treated to back-to-back episodes and this week we get another double dose.  I don’t think I have yet to watch an episode of Mindy where I wasn’t laughing.  It is a good thing the show was renewed for a third season last month.

In the first new episode entitled, “Be Cool,” Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny’s (Chris Messina) relationship is still going strong.  Mindy is thrilled at the chance to tell their co-workers of the romance, while Danny wants them to keep it a secret and just “Be cool” about it.  Does Danny know anything about Mindy? She can hardly keep a secret about what she had for breakfast let alone a blossoming relationship.  However, Mindy agrees to go along with the plan.

When Mindy finally returns home after having stayed at Danny’s house for a brief period, she finds her apartment has been robbed.  She returns to work the next day wearing a night gown and informs her co-workers of the situation.  She requests someone come stay with her.  Before Danny can volunteer, Morgan (Ike Barinholz) takes on the duties of being Mindy’s bodyguard.  Barinholz wrote this episode, so it is no surprise he plays a pretty big role in it.  If I wrote and starred on a television show, I would do the same thing. Plus, Barinholz delivers an awesome performance, so anytime he plays a key role to the plot expect to be laughing a lot.

The episode begins to look like a scene right out of Three’s Company when Morgan finds a pair of men’s scrubs in Mindy’s apartment.  In the pocket is one of Peter’s (Adam Pally) pens, so Morgan quickly assumes he and Mindy are hooking up.  I can picture Jack Tripper and Chrissy Snow playing this scene out in my head.  Morgan quickly tells Jeremy (Ed Weeks) his theory and he is agrees.  Is Jeremy the Mr. Furley is this scenario?

Jenna Dewan Tatum is the guest star of the week. She portrays Brooke, a pharmaceuticals rep that has her eyes set on Danny. Whenever she is in the area, the two tend to hook up.  After Mindy almost spills the beans about her and Danny dating, he announces there will be a party at Mindy’s apartment.  Brooke is invited and is flirting with Danny.  Mindy becomes upset and Peter rushes to her aid with an idea.

The next few minutes remind me of the physical comedy we loved to see from John Ritter.  Peter devises a plan for Mindy to make Danny jealous.  He lures her into the bathroom and they mess up their clothes and hair to make it look like they had just got it on.  Morgan and Jeremy see this and the misunderstanding of who Mindy is with continues.  Peter then has Mindy feed him old grapes and has her sit on his lap.  Surprise, surprise the chair breaks.

In the end, Danny realizes he does not want to lose Mindy’s friendship and breaks the relationship off.  She is his only friend so if things went sour, he would have no one in his life.  Danny and Mindy were supposed to be the next Monica and Chandler not the next Rachel and Ross. I know Rachel and Ross ended up together in the end, but that took 10 seasons.  Nobody got time for that.

The next episode entitled, “Girl Crush,” was not as stellar as the previous episode, but it still had a few classic moments.  Mindy is changing in the hospital locker room when she is greeted by Sheila Hamilton, an OBGYN to the stars.  Most people could care less if you were the one who delivered Kim and Kanye’s baby, but most people are not Mindy Lahiri.  She is star-struck when she meets Sheila and is excited when Dr. Hamilton compliments the delivery of the twins she just performed.

Back at the office, Jeremy unveils the new mobile health bus that was discussed before the show went on hiatus.  Everyone’s picture looks great, except for Mindy.  The shot that was used was one where she is mid sneeze.  I guess that is what you get for not taking your allergy medication.  Understandingly, Mindy is not happy with the picture.  She then receives a call from Sheila asking her to come visit her practice and she gladly accepts.

When Mindy arrives, she thinks she has died and gone to Heaven.  The patients are treated to cookies, facials, and smoothies when they visit this practice.  Even I wanted to be a patient!  She is invited out to lunch and on her way to go meet the team, she bumps into Danny, Jeremy, Peter, and Morgan in the mobile.  She admits she is possibly looking into switching careers.  The guys try their best to get women to come on the bus for free treatment.  Instead, they are mistaken for perverts and the people begin to riot.

If Mindy wishes to switch to Sheila’s practice she must force her patients to pay out of pocket, something she knows many of them cannot do.  Since the clientele at this practice is rich, they do not need insurance to pay their medical bills. Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have!  Mindy has to turn down the offer and when she returns to her office, she finds her stuff on the curb.  She returns to Sheila’s office to accept the offer only to find several other Indian women being considered for the job.  They had only wanted Mindy so the company could look more diverse.  Being in Human Resources, I know an EEOC case when I see one!

In the end our leading lady saves the day, when she gets a young woman to become the first patient on the mobile health bus.  And all is happy in The Mindy Project world once again, except for Danny and Mindy not being together.  Most likely, there will be more on that next week.

[Photo via Jordin Althaus/FOX]

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