10 Things You Never Knew about “16 and Pregnant”

10 Things You Never Knew about “16 and Pregnant”

Kids having kids is how some would describe the show 16 and Pregnant, as young women that get pregnant at such an age are often considered to be more at risk when it comes to their health and the health of their babies. Plus at 16 many young women are nowhere near ready to have a child, let alone raise them. Yet MTV has decided that this was an issue that was worthy of being given its own TV show that other young women, as well as everyone else, could watch and find some entertainment in. Unfortunately it says a lot about society when young women and men are allowed to go on TV and showcase their lives in such a manner so that others can see and possibly follow them simply because it seems to be the thing to do. To be fair the show was created as a way to dissuade teenage pregnancy, but it seems to have had the opposite effect.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the show.

10. One family didn’t care for their portrayal on MTV.

When Christina Cook got pregnant her boyfriend, star football player Isaiah Robinson, decided to not follow his dreams and gave a football scholarship to help raise his child. That’s honorable if regrettable, but Isaiah’s family decided to give Christina the business repeatedly, showing just how mean-spirited they could be. They complained that MTV only showed the meanest clips, but that doesn’t absolve them of the act.

9. Legal troubles seem to follow a lot of the cast.

Theft, drug possession, and other such crimes have been committed by several of the cast members and yet they continue to be allowed on the show. The one major problem this promotes is that reality stars seem to live by a different standard and don’t seem to feel the pinch when it comes time for punishment.

8. One couple lost their children.

Due to horrid living conditions one couple was actually raided by the DHS and their daughter was taken away from them. They filed for divorce not too long after this. So there is punishment so long as whatever’s being done wrong involves the child, but it is still a sad testament that it needs to be caught on film.

7. One young lady can’t seem to stop having kids.

It’s every woman’s right to have children and there’s no contesting that fact, but having them to stay on the show seems a bit controversial if that’s what’s happening and from several accounts it seems like this might be the kind of attempt to stay relevant. In short there are those that believe she is using her children as a means to stay famous and cash in on that fame, which is quite deplorable.

6. One couple became homeless.

When the parents of one couple kicked them out of the house the father was unwilling to find a job and the mother became a female escort which managed to land her in a spot of trouble. In order to find out what happened to their child you’d have to watch the show.

5. One of the stars cautions others against signing up for more than one season.

While this individual is one of the few real success stories she advises against signing up for multiple seasons since in truth the whole message of the show has been lost and MTV seems to be continuing it for the sheer thought of entertaining the audience.

4. The show has been accused of being largely staged.

It might not be in many regards but the fact is that a lot of people don’t act the same way on camera as they do in real life. Any reality show is going to be plagued with the idea that it’s not real in the first place and is just another ploy to get an audience that will pay attention to the stars and the theme of the show.

3. The show seems to glorify the act of being a pregnant teen.

It’s unfortunate that the original theme was kind of lost in the hype of the show but too many teens seem to think that this is the ideal way of life. Having kids young might mean that you get to do more in the long run, but in the interim it means life comes to a grinding halt and the things that most young people enjoy are not quite as possible.

2. Controversial topics such as abortion have appeared on the show.

This was something that was brought up largely because it is a very real possibility that some young mothers might realize that they’re simply not ready and would choose to abort their pregnancy. It’s a hard topic to discuss but it definitely brings a little more reality to the whole situation.

1. Unfortunately it tends to glamorize teenage motherhood.

The mere fact that there is a show about teenagers who are pregnant and seem to be bemoaning their status is offensive to many that believe that kids this age shouldn’t be having children. There are a great many arguments about the show, but the fact that it exists is the biggest.

It’s one of those shows that was started for a good reason but lost sight of it not too long after it became popular.

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