Five Reasons Why The Dead Files Is Completely Fake

Five Reasons Why The Dead Files Is Completely Fake

The Dead Files stands out as one of the longest-running productions in the ever-growing list of paranormal television shows. The Dead Files stars Amy Allan, a physical medium, and a former NYPD homicide detective, Steve DiSchiavi. However, as the show enters its fifteenth season in 2023, Amy Allen will be replaced by medium Cindy Kaza. Since the show’s first season premiered on September 23, 2011, the show’s format has had Allan and DiSchiavi launching separate investigations of a “haunted” location before meeting up at the end of each episode to compare notes. Besides this unique investigative approach, The Dead Files is much the same as other paranormal TV shows, with no tangible proof to believe the activities recorded on the show are real.

Paranormal activities, or the allusion to them, have existed for centuries, if not millennials. Whether there are any truths to these reports and findings of “spirit beings” and “haunted houses” is beyond the scope of the article. What is known and remains an indisputable fact is the growing number of TV shows mostly created to profit from the increasing curiosity of paranormal shows’ audiences. One such paranormal show is the Travel Channel’s The Dead Files. Here are five reasons The Dead Files is fake, and audiences should only take it as entertainment.

The Dead Files’ Lack Of Tangible Evidence

Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi on The Dead Files

Arguments exist on the authenticity of claims of paranormal activity because there never seems to be any tangible evidence that could clarify all doubts. Unarguably, there will always be skeptics in matters like this, but the essence of a televised show is to capture irrefutable evidence of these paranormal activities. What The Dead Files offers at the end of each episode is nothing more than a reliance on Allan’s medium abilities and DiSchiavi’s slightly biased findings. With all the available video technology The Dead Files could incorporate to give proof to a live audience, the show is still subjected to recordings and production edits.

The Dead Files Have Signs Of Staging

Amy Allan in an episode of The Dead Files

Amy Allan is a physical medium who, according to Allan, only works with the dead, as against being a psychic. Allan states she isn’t informed about anything or anyone in the haunted house. All personal items are removed from the location before she enters. Yet, Allan walks around the house, a place she supposedly has never been into, with such ease, seemingly following the lead of the ghost or spirit.

Allan’s revelations are also often similar, as though she almost always encounters the same type of spirits. Even a non-expert in paranormal activity would agree ghosts should have varying personalities as humans and shouldn’t always be hostile. If Allan walks into these haunted homes without knowledge, she seems confident that none of the spirit beings will hurt her or her cameraman husband. Also, while not bringing the authenticity of Allan’s physical medium abilities/gifting into question, one can only help but wonder why she isn’t using it to solve real-world problems. Allan’s near-perfect description of ghosts and spirits, as well as her revelations of secrets, if real, should be used to solve crimes.

The Dead Files And Its Superficial Revelations

Steve DiSchiavi in an episode of The Dead Files

On a related note, it is rather interesting that Allan provides no fresh insights about what happened at the locations she investigates. Instead, her revelations contain the same information that could have been gotten from Google, which is unsurprising considering that she also appeared on A Haunting as a paranormal researcher using scientific tools rather than psychic powers. Allan’s revelations almost always coincide with what DiSchiavi finds in documented reports and “eyewitness reports.” If The Dead Files reports were entirely true, Allan should repeatedly provide new information that could shock the investigating detectives or throw more light on unanswered questions and dead ends.

The Dead Files Exploits People’s Need To Be Haunted

Amy Allan on The Dead Files

With 14 seasons with 231 episodes, with season 15 premiering on June 1, 2023, there seems to be an unending discovery of “haunted” spaces. Since Allan doesn’t get any information about the location before she arrives on camera, why haven’t any reported leads been false? There’s either a surprisingly growing possession of homes by ghosts and spirits, or The Dead Files have a great deal of luck in only receiving accurate leads.

While it’s easy for skeptics to find reasonable explanations for strange occurrences around their homes, a paranormal believer will always be open to “seeing” and “hearing” things. Why would anyone want their homes and spaces to be haunted? Interestingly, haunted spaces have become a lucrative business on their own. People pay to vacation in these places as though ghosts and spirits have become entertainers. Yet, somehow these property owners have found ways to get these ghosts to cooperate and show up to entertain their guests.

Things Are Not Always How They Look, Sound, Or Feel

Amy Allan and Husband on The Dead Files

This in no way agrees with or denies the existence of the supernatural, but certain events and occurrences have logical explanations if one is open-minded. Sometimes, “haunted” properties are often old and dilapidated structures. This means that what may seem like the presence of tormenting spirits might be nothing more than uneven heating, combined with wind, whistling through broken-down parts. The human mind can play tricks if allowed to wander. Paranoia exists and can be a leading cause for perceiving paranormal activities around a space. The Dead Files only seek to reinforce such paranoia rather than abate it.The Dead Files

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