Legends of Tomorrow New Trailer Parodies Star Trek

Legends of Tomorrow New Trailer Parodies Star Trek

Well that was….interesting. The new trailer for Legends of Tomorrow wasn’t pulling a whole lot of punches, which makes it hopeful that the upcoming season will be something that people will be talking about for months to come since according to George Marston of Newsarama the trailer is putting the season into perspective as it’s showing the effects of the Loom of Fate and just how it could affect the lives of the Waverider crew based on different TV shows. That sounds like an ambitious idea to say the least since it could go awry in a lot of ways. A TV show spoofing other TV shows while the shows in turn are trying to…oh never mind. It does look like it’s bound to be an action-packed season that will hopefully continue to give the fans what they want and deliver a story line that’s worth paying attention to since a lot of people have enjoyed the various DC shows that have been airing on the CW for a while. In terms of popularity they’ve been beating out the MCU pretty easily for a while since they were filming and showcasing before shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones were even trying to gain a fan base. As of now the popularity level is still fairly high since people are still more than willing to tune in to see what’s bound to happen.

The idea of spoofing other TV shows isn’t a new idea but it is something that we don’t get to see that often and is kind of interesting since it tends to show a director’s take on other programs and just what they think about them. Of course there’s plenty of bias in there when the designs are being set and the story is being put into place, but at the moment it looks as though everything is on the up and up and things are going to progress much as they need to, in an entertaining and amusing fashion that will be as serious as it needs to be and as light-hearted as it can be in some areas. One thing that the CW shows have really done is showcase the heroes and the villains and the various situations they find themselves in with an efficiency that’s hard to match. The DC shows definitely appear to need a series to keep their stories interesting and from feeling too rushed as they’ve excelled at creating one series after another that people are bound to stick around for, while Marvel has had a bit of trouble keeping the interest of the fans for one reason or another.

From a fan’s standpoint the Loom of Fate is a huge McGuffin, as Vlada Gelman of TVLine mentions, and is the type of device that one might want to think about using before actually going ahead with any plan that comes to mind, half-baked or fully thought out. For those that aren’t really aware of what the Loom of Fate is, it’s a device that basically creates the fate of mortals and as a plot point controls destiny for the most part. It was broken into three pieces by one of the Fates, Clotho, and scattered about the cosmos as it was considered to be too much power to be kept as one working unit. Once the Legends attempt to piece it back together however another one of the fates, Atropos, decides that this can’t happen and starts messing around and when super-powered beings get together and start causing a ruckus we all know what’s bound to happen. That’s a big reason why this coming season could be a lot of fun to watch since already it looks as though things are popping off in a big way that are bound to keep people on their toes and wondering what’s going to come next. In terms of whether things are going to be like the comics or not it does feel that it’s been well-established that such a thing isn’t going to happen as much as people want since like it or not there are plenty of other adventures that can occur on screen and that will be more accommodating to the current story lines. Plus, it’s kind of like one of the Russo brothers said of the Infinity saga when asked why it wasn’t more like the comics. People have seen that story, and they wanted to tell something similar but different enough that it wasn’t entirely the same.

There’s some definite sense to that even if it doesn’t always mesh with what fans want to see. Experiencing new stories that don’t line up with the comics definitely messes with the continuity that people were wanting, but it also opens up new vistas that might not have been possible otherwise.

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