The Mindy Project 1.23 “Frat Party” Recap

The Mindy Project 1.23 “Frat Party” Recap

The Mindy Project, FOXThis week on The Mindy Project Danny is in the office asking their new nurse, Tamara to run some tests for him. She calls Danny, “Girl” something he has asked her repeatedly not to do. She can’t help it, he reminds her exactly of her cousin Sheena. Danny does not seem amused and neither is the rest of the office. Danny apologizes to them for firing Morgan. He made a mistake.

Mindy shows up at the office with a twenty-one year old pre-med student in tow. Katie is Mindy’s protégé. Mindy introduces her around the office and then takes her to lunch with Casey. They are about to enjoy their salads when Casey says he has some big news. His church has finally funded his trip to Haiti. He will be there volunteering for a year. Mindy is less than pleased. Katie thinks maybe she should leave so they can talk but Mindy says no please stay. Mindy goes on to say, “My boyfriend has decided to abandon me in cold smelly Manhattan so he can hang loose on Party Island.” Casey is pretty sure no one has ever called Haiti Party Island. Casey doesn’t think a year is that long but Mindy says she doesn’t have a year to put her life on hold. She and Katie get up and leave Casey at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Danny are meeting Morgan for lunch. He is at a vegan place with the midwives. Jeremy and Danny are surprised to see the midwives there, whereas I am surprised to see them all sitting together on the same side of the booth. Danny and Jeremy sit down to give Morgan there monetary offer to rejoin their practice. Morgan turns down their offer, their very generous offer to stay with the midwives.

Mindy is at home lying on her floor crying and letting Katie feed her sour candies. Katie says a party will cheer Mindy up and she has just the party in mind. Moments later we see them all dressed up at a frat party. It is a no cups frat party. You can drink out of anything but a cup. Katie has a fishbowl while Mindy has a lipstick cap.

While Mindy is partying Danny and Jeremy are still trying to get Morgan back. They go by his house to see him and make another offer. No matter what they do Morgan says no. He likes working with the midwives. They are brothers and they make him feel like family. Jeremy says things are different at the practice now; they are all more like a family. In fact they are going to meet Mindy at a party, Morgan should join them. Morgan agrees to go after he gels up and puts on his dragon t-shirt.

While dancing and having fun Mindy sees a guy trying to get some of the girls to dance and Katie tells her it is an old guy who went to that fraternity in the 90’s. Katie calls him a cheesy old loser. He turns around and it is Mindy’s ex-fiancé Tom. Tom is so shocked to see Mindy he trips and falls down. When Mindy gets him to his feet he tells her he is no longer married and now he lives in a furnished apartment across from the Holocaust Museum. His life doesn’t seem to be going very well. I mean he plays Russian roulette after his morning coffee on a daily basis.

Mindy tells Tom she broke up with her boyfriend that morning as well but they are too old to be at a frat party. He agrees. Just then she hears the party chanting, “Katie! Katie! Katie!” She goes into the other room to find her protégé working a stripper pole. Mindy pulls her off the pole and embarrasses her. She goes on to say she isn’t leaving until the stripper pole is taken down. She tries pulling on it and takes off her jacket to get more comfortable. She ends up doing an awkward pole dance. That is when Morgan, Jeremy and Danny come in and watch her terrible performance.

Once she manages to take the pole down Mindy goes to find Tom. She is looking at his infected eyebrow piercing when Casey walks in. He isn’t too amused with Mindy touching Tom and makes some sarcastic remarks. Mindy wants him to calm down; she wasn’t going to have sex with Tom even though he did offer. Casey can’t believe Tom was trying to have sex with his girlfriend; he punches Tom, knocking him down. Morgan is there a second later to hold Casey back. He tells Morgan he is fine and as soon as Morgan lets him go he and Tom go at each other again with such zingers as, “I’m going to knock your teeth out of your throat.” And “I’m a minster; you are trying to kill a minster.” It’s an epic battle of idiots.

Like any TV fight it must escalate and The Mindy Project is no different. Someone pushes Mindy and Morgan is there to shove the guy away. The brother of the guy steps up to Morgan and yells, “No one pushes my brother.” Danny, who really must want Morgan back at work, steps between Morgan and the pumped up frat guy to say, “Hey! Hey! No one pushes my brother.” Danny follows this with a fantastic right hook to the guys face. Mindy thinks that is enough and makes them all leave. Outside Jeremy, Morgan and Danny sit down to nurse their wounds. Morgan says he is coming back to work for them. Only because Danny joined the fight and called Morgan his brother, something he was really pleased about.

Min_123_13The next morning Casey catches Mindy in the elevator on the way to work. He is very sorry about the night before but he wants to explain. Now is the only time he can go to Haiti. He can’t leave when they are married and expecting children. It is really now or never since he does want all of that domestic bliss with Mindy. They kiss and are making up as Danny and Morgan enter the elevator. Danny looks uncomfortable but Morgan thinks it is hot.

The Mindy Project will air it’s season one finale Tuesday 9:30/8:30c on Fox.

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