Why Mitch Buchannon Was the Best Character on Baywatch

Why Mitch Buchannon Was the Best Character on Baywatch

Why Mitch Buchannon Was the Best Character on Baywatch

So just to start, the reason why Mitch is the best character from Baywatch is that to be perfectly honest, he was the guy that kind of made the show. There are likely a lot of guys out there who might be thinking that it should be CJ or any of the women that bounced their way up and down the beach in their tight swimsuits. This is why a lot of guys watched the show, right? They wanted to see the ladies running in slow motion to build up their adolescent and, yes, adult, fantasies to have something to fixate on. But the fact is that Mitch is the guy that held the show together a lot of times and it’s one reason why a lot of people stayed with the show for so long since the actresses kind of came and went at times. Seriously, try to think of all the women that squeezed into those tight swimsuits and you might end up only thinking of a few, such as Pamela Anderson, Yasmin Bleeth, and possibly a few others.

There’s no doubt that some guys might think of a lot of other names that appeared on the show, but Mitch is the guy that headed it all up. He was the leader, the head lifeguard that everyone turned to at one point, and yes, he wasn’t perfect but he was definitely a good leader for the show. The direction that Hasselhoff’s career went after this was kind of laughable, but while he was on top of things on the show it was almost easy to say that he couldn’t be touched since people were watching Baywatch with rapt attention for a while. Like all things do though the show ended up fading out and being canceled eventually, but if you thought that meant that we’d seen the last of Hasselhoff then you didn’t understand the resilience of the man or what he would do to keep coming back to entertain the fans.

After all, he did come back for the Baywatch movie to serve as inspiration for Dwayne Johnson’s character, though it’s fair to say that he’d seen better days at that point. Like everyone else from his generation, Hasselhoff has been getting old the past several years. But that hasn’t stopped him from doing whatever it takes to keep his name in the loop from time to time since he’s appeared in movies, TV, commercials, and pretty much anywhere he can in order to keep that name circulating. It’s fair to think that a lot of people born within the last decade or two might not know who Mitch Buchannon is, or care, but that doesn’t take away the fact that he was the best character on the show since he was the kind of leader that served as an example to the rest of his team what it meant to care about others and how important it was to save lives. He did grandstand a few times and it’s true that he did appear as the square-jawed type of hero that some folks can’t stand, but one has to remember that such a role was popular back in the day, even if it’s not necessarily desired now by a lot of people.

Times have definitely changed, but in some ways, they do change for the better since Mitch was kind of an exaggerated character at times even though he was effective for the majority of the time. the whole idea of Baywatch is something that a lot of people might not fully understand since believe it or not, quite a few people have no idea what it’s like to live near the wide-open ocean and how dangerous it can be. There’s a healthy amount of respect to be given to the sea since despite the fact that visiting the beach is a lot of fun and playing in the water can be great, the dangers that come with it are very real, and Baywatch was at least trying to show some of these dangers by putting them into the show. The character of Mitch would typically be the guy that would be in command, would keep a cool head when everyone else is panicking and would seek to solve whatever situation needed solving then and there without hesitation.

There’s a lot of responsibility to being a lifeguard, especially when one has to cover more than a simple swimming pool. While Baywatch was a little dramatic now and then it was still a show that a lot of people watched since it was interesting and yes, visually stimulating. But Mitch was the best character for a lot of reasons, one of those being that he was able to portray someone that had a great deal of responsibility and knew how to handle it.Baywatch movie

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