People Always Forget Jason Momoa Was in Baywatch

People Always Forget Jason Momoa Was in Baywatch

It’s not too hard to think that a lot of people don’t realize that Jason Momoa, one of the most awesome actors the world over as of now, was once in Baywatch. Jason Momoa wasn’t always the long-haired stud that people know and love as of now. He had short hair once after all. But at one point he was also a male model, and won model of the year in 1999. It wasn’t too long after that when he was convinced to audition for Baywatch, and of course he made it in as Jason Ioane up until 2001.

From that point on he kept moving forward as he earned a spot on the show North Shore, Johnson Family Vacation, The Game, and then of course, Game of Thrones. It’s interesting that he got the part of Khal Drogo after performing the haka, a traditional Polynesian war dance that was uttered before battle. The casting director must have taken one look at him and figured that this was the perfect Khal Drogo, a warrior through and through and a guy that wasn’t afraid to go all out on his audition. From that point on he’s been gaining in popularity even though the character of Khal Drogo didn’t last through the first season of GoT. That doesn’t really matter since as a big guy that’s got a build and a face for action he’s been in such films as Bullet to the Head, Justice League, and Braven, always proving to be one of the toughest guys around.

He’s also been in a Netflix show titled Frontier in which he’s a vicious trapper trying to stick it to the main trading company that’s trying to edge everyone out. Whatever role he’s been in Momoa has been a tough guy so far, but he’s also shown that he has a sensitive side in some of his roles, for a few minutes at a time here and there. The point is that Momoa has really been charging ahead at full speed since making his shot in GoT, so it’s easy to figure that he didn’t have much of a past before that. In reality though he was a beach boy before he made it to the desert, and he was a model before he was ever a warlord. That being said however he’s always been full pedal to the medal when it comes to his career as he’s been doing whatever it takes to get noticed and become who he’s meant to be.

But if you try to equate the picture on the right with the one on the left it’s a little difficult really since most people at this time see Momoa as this hardened tough guy that he plays in the movies. It’s a great image since it makes him look believable and every bit the character he needs to be. But just think about this, he used to be one of those guys running down the beach in his short-shorts. Not that anyone would ever bring this up in such a way.

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