4 Reasons Percy Jackson Series Deserves a Spinoff

4 Reasons Percy Jackson Series Deserves a Spinoff

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a hit TV show that Disney was ready and prepared for after learning from past mistakes. Starring Walker Scobell as Percy, the son of the god Poseidon, this series adapts the popular young adult novels about Greek mythology by Rick Riordan. After some not-so-successful film adaptations of these popular stories, Disney decided it was time to give it another try with this epic series released in December 2023. 

With how faithful the TV series is to the books, it’s no surprise that it’s receiving tons of praise from fans and critics, which is probably because of the author’s involvement in writing and producing the show. The series follows the young demigods and their complicated lives, finding who they are in the world of the Titans. With how well Disney has handled this TV adaptation, it is the best time for a spinoff series. Here is why Percy Jackson and the Olympians deserves a spinoff.

Rick Riordan’s Involvement Would Ensure a Spinoff’s Success

4 Reasons Percy Jackson Series Deserves a Spinoff

Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson book series, has been heavily involved in the creation of this Disney+ series, which could be why the show is so successful. He is one of the show’s main writers and producers. One major reason why the film adaptations, while being mildly successful, didn’t get the best response was because they didn’t involve Riordan in any of the production or scriptwriting. It’s not a surprise that Riordan hasn’t watched any of the film adaptations. He is talented at storytelling, and as Percy Jackson and the Olympians have proven, his input has the best effect on any live-action adaptation because you can feel the book’s humor and what fans loved about this story in the series. If he is involved in the spinoff shows, they will likely be successful, too.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series Has Already Set Up Other Stories

4 Reasons Percy Jackson Series Deserves a Spinoff

Riordan’s Percy Jackson novels feature five books, including The Lightning Thief, The Titan’s Curse, The Last Olympians, Sea of Monsters, and The Battle of the Labyrinth. While the films tried to create a franchise, they always felt so disconnected from the original story and in a rush to wrap up storylines that there was almost nothing left to build on. Disney’s Percy Jackson and The Olympians can last for at least five more seasons if it manages to stay popular among audiences. The Heroes of Olympus books, which are a sequel to the Percy Jackson novels, could be the perfect source material for a spinoff show introducing new demigods for a bigger adventure. An entirely new cast and story could lead up to a crossover episode between the two shows in the future. 

The characters in Percy Jackson and the Olympians introduced several interesting characters that fans have already fallen in love with. Percy’s favorite teacher and friend, the Centaur, Chiron, Hermes, and Dionysus, the god of partying, are only a few characters who would have interesting prequel shows to explore their early lives. Ares is also a likable character in the show despite being the God of War, so he would be perfect for a spinoff if the show’s writers would explore his relationship with his father, Zeus. With several characters’ pasts and futures to be explored, there is plenty of material to create several successful spinoff shows from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. 

There are Several Stories to Tell in a Spinoff Show

the trio looking in the distance Percy in Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Riordan’s books have already paved the way for several spinoff shows with the multiple stories and interesting characters they introduced. With his involvement in the Disney series, it will be easier to create other shows about the characters that made the first season exciting, like the Greek gods and their mythology. Riordan has already proved that he can expand the Percy Jackson universe by introducing several mythologies and other characters in his books. The Kane Chronicles book that focuses on the gods of Egypt and the Norse mythology, which is explored in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard book, would make great TV adaptations. Having several TV shows based on other mythologies could be the perfect recipe for a franchise.

Disney Needs a New Successful Franchise

4 Reasons Percy Jackson Series Deserves a Spinoff

With the positive response that Disney’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1 received, it was amazing news that it was renewed for Season 2. The renewal means that while the show is still young, Disney could be hoping to make several seasons and possibly a spinoff show because this world has a lot more to explore. Disney hasn’t been having a great couple of years with some of their recent projects: The Little Mermaid, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania, Secret Invasion series, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny losing the studio close to $ 1 billion. Their attempt at an original Disney princess in Wish also wasn’t the success they thought it would be. So, if they successfully create an exciting franchise with a spinoff from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, it will put Disney back on the money-making path. Here is everything you need to know about Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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