The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 7 Review: “Little Yellow House”

The Mentalist

A murder investigation became personal for Teresa Lisbon in last night’s episode of The Mentalist, when she learned that her younger brother, James “Jimmy” Lisbon, is being sought after as a material witness to the beaten-to-death murder of Nathan Barnes, the son of Judge Barnes. Jimmy Lisbon is played by Robert Belushi and Stan Lisbon is played by Derek Phillips.

This week’s episode of The Mentalist begins with Patrick Jane teaching Agent Vega a balancing exercise in which he has her balancing a tower of markers on the palm of her hand. Cho and Wiley watch as Vega is trying her best not to let the tower of markers fall from her hand. Jane tells her to focus on something else like freshly made s’mores over a nice, warm campfire, which led to an interesting discussion about the decadent camping snack.

Julie Sandoval, a US attorney, comes in and looks for Lisbon. The lawyer then asks Lisbon about her brother James because there is a warrant being issued for his arrest for fleeing his home rather than talk with her people about the murder. Lisbon says that she can track her brother down and the attorney leaves, satisfied that Lisbon will keep to her word.

Teresa then goes into protective big sister mode when she calls up her other brother, Stan, who said that Jimmy is in Chicago. Lisbon is on the verge of going into a nervous breakdown when Abbott comes in, saying that Wiley and Vega filled him in on what happened, and he asks if Teresa is okay. After explaining that she needs to go to Chicago, Abbott tells Lisbon that he’ll give her all the time she needs. When Lisbon asks why, Abbott tells her that he knows the feeling of being the oldest in the family and having to look after younger siblings.

After Abbott leaves, Patrick asks Teresa if she wants him to go with her to her childhood home, to which she says that she would very much like it if he did. These two are growing closer as a couple, and the best part is that they’re doing it together. I really hope that their relationship will work because it has taken six seasons (and a lot of Jane/Lisbon fanfiction reading on my part) for them to finally get together.

There were many wonderful moments in this episode, like Jane’s obvious concern for Lisbon throughout the investigation and locating of Jimmy. I was a bit sad to find out that Patrick Jane did not live in a house like Teresa did when he was growing up; but he grew up in a family of traveling carnies so living in a house was out of the question. There was also the way in which Jane observed everything from the tattoo and scar to the Aqua Velva of the mystery man who attacked him at Lisbon’s old home (a regular Sherlock Holmes if I do say so myself), and how he figured out to use an attractive woman (e.g. Teresa Lisbon in a short skirt) to get closer to George Holiday so they could get themselves invited to a big poker game. What I wouldn’t give to have the observation and memorization skills of Patrick Jane.

I was amused to see Wiley and Vega posing as an engaged couple in that scene where they went to the hotel to set up cameras in the room closest of the one where the game will be held. They both gave their best award-winning performances, and it’s nice to see Vega in a hairstyle other than her signature ponytail look. When Wiley complemented Vega on a job well done, she asked the resident computer genius of the FBI if he knew what she was saying when she started talking in Spanish, and she was surprised to learn that Wiley understood most of it. I personally think that Wiley is studying Spanish so that when the time comes, he can converse with his potential future in-laws.

The best thing about the episode was the poker game. We got to see psychic Lisbon in action once again, as well as seeing all of the tells that each player has. I think she’s really enjoying the role that Patrick Jane had played for the past six seasons. It turns out that Nathan Barnes was killed by nothing more than pure jealousy, paranoia, and greed. I would say that all three elements played a part in pushing Charlie McInnis over the edge, because it wasn’t just that he thought Nathan was sleeping with his fiancee, but that the latter had also taken most of his money in that fateful poker game that ended in tragedy.

It was very heart-warming to see Jane and Lisbon at the get-together barbecue picnic at the park with Teresa’s brothers and extended family members at the end of the episode. It’s true that the Lisbon family will remain “messy” for the time being, but it’s great to see them acting like a family without anyone getting into serious trouble. My heart melted when I saw Patrick Jane play with the baby boy. His bright, beaming smile makes me wonder if he wouldn’t mind starting a family of his own again one day with Teresa Lisbon.

Fellow Mentalist fans, do you think there will be wedding bells in the future for Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon? Her brothers seem to think so when they told her that they liked Patrick and to not screw it up like all her other relationships. Only six episodes remain until we say farewell to one of the greatest shows ever made, so make sure you tune in!

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