20 Things We’ll Miss Most about The Big Bang Theory

20 Things We’ll Miss Most about The Big Bang Theory

250 episodes, 12 seasons – the Big Bang Theory written by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady has brought in millions of viewers since 2007, but its time for the series to end. Sad news for the viewers who watch it, but it is true. The show has been a hit, mixing the world of geeks with numerous science-fiction references and the separate world of actual science with humor. The show has evolved, like a truly great show. So… it is quite hard for viewers and the fans to say goodbye, but here are 20 Things We’ll Miss Most about The Big Bang Theory.

20. The characters

Millions of viewers tune into the Big Bang Theory to watch the antics of Leonard, Howard, Amy, Penny, and Sheldon. The characters on the show have changed and grown in a realistic way, moving from their time in college overall, though some characters didn’t really change that much – Amy and Sheldon are certainly true of that; even though they both got married, both of these characters still have problems socializing, whereas Howard and Penny both changed. Howard went from a strange person whom the ladies weren’t really….fond of, but now he has become a father, and Penny went from a mess to a professional member of a Pharmaceutical company. Many people will miss watching these characters move on through their lives.

19. Crazy Friends

The friendships are definitely strange, but for many fans, that’s the exciting thing about it. All of the original gang were science-fiction/horror loving geeks studying at in higher education, but the gang were never afraid to turn new people away, and the friendships have just grown over the years. The friendships between Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon is also fascinating; all of them are different people and yet they are all great friends, and they have welcomed other people into their lives.

18. The Girls

Penny, Bernadette, and Amy. Three female characters, three different backgrounds, completely different hobbies – do they let their differences bother them? No. These three ladies do everything together – from discussing their problems with their relationships to being there for each other whenever they have girls’ nights.

17. Sheldon and Amy

Who can deny these two are soul mates? This pairing is proof there is hope for all when it comes to relationships. The bonds between the cast members were amazing, but Amy seemed to be made for Sheldon. Possessing a brilliant mind… and OCD, Sheldon is a difficult character at best, he can be incredibly annoying with his habits irritating everyone around him, and obsessed about his theories, but everyone still accepts him even if their relationship with him can be strained. Thanks to Amy, Sheldon has calmed down. Amy was an amazing character added to the cast. Not only was Mayim Bialik great as Amy, the character herself was designed to be the love of Sheldon’s life. In fact, she was basically a female version of Sheldon with strange quirks. Their obvious love is something that will be missed. These two have shown a relationship is possible without being attractive and making over the top romantic overtures which may not work, these two have so much in common and their fights are always great to see. What’s even greater is they are always together and they love and trust each other.

16. What Jim Parsons will miss

The actor who plays Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons, who has been in TV for years now, and shared the honour of being awarded with his second Emmy for his role in The Big Bang Theory with the rest of the cast, and when they received raises he made sure they received equal shares, says he will miss everybody from the show. He’ll miss Simon Helberg since they’ve been friends for 12 years now.

15. The Comic Book Store

One of the most well-known places in the series where the main characters meet and hang out with each other, Stuart’s comic book store. Known as “The Comic Centre of Pasadena”, the comic shop is frequented by Sheldon as he buys a fresh new comic for his collection, however, one of the things fans will probably remember and treasure forever are the New Years Eve parties Stuart is famous for hosting. Although the store was burnt down and later replaced during the seventh season of the show, the general view from the fans is that the new incarnation of the store will never be able to replace the original since so many conversations took place which helped to shape the series. Change can be good, but memories will be hard to replace.

14. Raj’s problem with women

Fans will probably never be able to forget the problem Raj has with speaking to women unless of course they belong to his own family. One of the highlights of The Big Bang Theory was Raj’s speech impediment – unless of course, he had drunk copious amounts of alcohol, thanks to Penny. Without alcohol, no one would have worked out how to get him to speak to women. He and his fiancé spoke a whole night, giving Raj the chance to get over his problem. When the series ends, fans can still look back on the reruns and the season boxsets and laugh at Raj’s speech problems, and they will wish they could see a fresh new episode where his problem has returned.

13. Changing the stereotypical image of Nerds

Most people view nerds as introverted bookworms who care only for their books, science-fiction TV shows and comic books while they stumble over social conventions. Fans were greatly impressed with the Big Bang Theory since it proved the whole notion as wrong. It showed a fun side to the whole image of nerds since it showed the main characters go over legendary franchises of science-fiction, and who could forget the game Sheldon played with Wil Wheaton?

12. Stuart

Many fans are not sure what to make of Stuart, the guy who owns and runs the comic book shop Sheldon visits to collect a new comic book; in the original seasons, the character was was interesting. Down the line he changed, the writers turned him into a sad character while they wrote storylines where the other characters grew with each episode. Still, he was a major part of the show.

11. Mentions of real-world facts and science jokes

Because the Big Bang Theory is a show featuring characters studying science, it makes sense that a great reason why there is such a great fanbase in the show is that people love to watch the characters crack jokes about science. However, it isn’t all about humour. Many people watch the show to glean the actual facts about science. Fans have even stated they watch the show so they can gain a greater understanding of science.

10. Mothers

The Big Bang Theory has proven without a doubt mothers love their children, and they don’t care about any strange quirks they may have. Despite her analytic behaviour, Leonard’s mother loves her son even if she never expresses it out aloud. Sheldon’s mother is no different – she loves her son and is incredibly protective of him while knowing how to handle him.

9. Sheldon’s bizarre rules

Sheldon’s well known for making rules and regulations. He goes about life with a routine. He never does anything in his life without a plan. When one of his friends goes against his rules, Sheldon will not hesitate in lashing out against the perpetrator.

8. Amy + Penny

Their relationship has certainly grown over the seasons, but Amy has always been fond of Penny. Amy invited herself round to Penny and Bernadette’s sleepover, which is a great example of how fond Amy is of the other woman. But Amy has been there for Penny in the past; when Leonard and Penny split up, Amy tried to comfort Penny after going online and researching tips for helping to deal with a crisis.

7. The Faulty Elevator

Ah, the infamous elevator. For the entire run of the show, this elevator has been depicted in the background, but it has never been shown working properly. Some fans and viewers would like to see it working, but they have to admit the Big Bang Theory would not be the same with the elevator fixed. It has even helped the characters interact as they walk up the staircase, and while being in an elevator wouldn’t take such opportunities away, it wouldn’t be the same if the elevator were fixed.

6. Bernadette and her voice

True, the writers never actually intended for this character whose fondness for frocks and frills is well known to have such a distinctive voice. Sure, some fans will probably be over the moon when the series ends because the shrill voice from Bernadette drives them crazy, and while this was true in her early seasons, it has grown on people and no-one can deny her voice has become a major trait of the character.

5. The Variety of the Show

Some fans of the show only put up with the Big Bang Theory because they’ve put so much of their time into watching it, but truthfully many people see the series as bland and boring, and predictable. In the past the episodes were varied and interesting; these fans see the same things happening time after time in each episode such as fights between Leonard and Penny, Bernadette making comments, etc. But devoted fans will still miss it.

4. Impact

Fans of the show will miss the show since it has had such an important impact on their lives even if dozens of people will miss the interplay between the characters even if many other people now see the show as boring and predictable. The show has taught people quite a bit about the real world of science and it has become a big part of their lives even if some people feel the show lost what it made it special in season 7.

3. Fashion Sense

Clothes make a person, and everyone in the Big Bang Theory is no different. Especially Howard, who hasn’t changed his style since day one. Howard’s fashion sense has made lovers of the show love him for his style since it suits him, so the writers should be credited for it. A key point in the series where the style was important was when Sheldon dressed as Howard on Halloween, everyone knew it was wrong. All the other characters have their own sense of style and have barely changed in the twelve year run of the series.

2. Solving the Problems of Life

with Fun Ways. Sheldon was humiliated on a radio show where he was a guest, so he got inspiration for Raj and Leonard to get revenge. But there have been other moments in the series where the characters have problems where they need to solve them… how many of those are crazy?

1. Friendships, Relationships, and Agreements between the Roommates

Sheldon is well known for his routine. He gives hell to anyone who makes the mistake of affecting said routine. All of the friends have had their ups and their downs, their relationships have been strained at times because the writers know they can’t have a series where the friends are always okay with one another, they know there has to be some conflict between everyone. While the fans might say the Big Bang Theory may have had its time, they all agree that the series has had some fun disagreements and makeups over the years.

The Big Bang theory will definitely be missed.

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