Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series Cast And Characters

Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series Cast And Characters

Get ready to dust off your Camp Half-Blood t-shirts and practice your Greek mythology, because the highly anticipated Percy Jackson and The Olympians TV series is finally in the works! Rick Riordan‘s beloved book series is getting a small-screen adaptation, and while the story is the same, it promises to bring a nuanced view to the table. The epic tale itself is centered around Percy Jackson, a modern-day demigod navigating the challenges of being a half-blood in a world full of mythical creatures and divine drama.

But as important as the story is, the characters and the actors that bring the whole thing to life are just as vital. Seeing as the show is set to premiere on 20th December 2023, now is a great time to get acquainted with who’s who. With that in mind, here’s the Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series cast And character guide.

1. Walker Scobell As Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series Cast And Characters

There’s a new Percy Jackson in town, and his name is Walker Scobell. That’s right, the infamous lightning thief is getting a fresh face for the upcoming TV series adaptation of Percy Jackson And The Olympians. So far, Scobell’s casting as the son of Poseidon has been met with enthusiasm. Considering his performance opposite Ryan Reynolds in the Netflix original The Adam Project, it would seem that the right man got the job. Relatively a newcomer to the world of acting, The Adam Project is presently his only credit, needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see where he’s going with the role.

2. Charlie Bushnell As Luke Castellan

Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast

Much like Scobell, Charlie Bushnell who plays Luke Castellan is somewhat of a rookie in the industry. So far, it’s clear that the guy has the perfect mix of charm and mischief to pull off the role. Anyone who’s read the books or watched the movies knows that Luke is a bit of a complicated character. He goes from charming to roguish throughout the narrative.

He’s a fellow demi-god, the son of Hermes to be precise, and much like his peers, he’s got a truckload of daddy issues. In the end, Luke Castellan may be a bit of a troublemaker, but he sure knows how to keep things interesting. It’s clear that he will have quite an important role to play moving forward.

3. Leah Sava Jeffries As Annabeth Chase

Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series Cast And Characters

Leah Sava Jeffries, who also appears in the cast of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, plays the role of Annabeth Chase. One thing is clear about Jeffries, and it’s that she’s as talented as they come. Unfortunately, the initial reaction to her casting was quite unsavory. There was a bit of pushback based on the fact that the Annabeth written into the original series had a different skin tone. However, where there are disgruntled folk, there are supporters too and she got a crowd behind her including Rick Riordan, the author of all the Percy Jackson books.

Altogether, Annabeth Chase is a key character in the series, known for her intelligence, bravery, and unwavering loyalty to her friends. She ends up being Percy’s closest friend in Camp half-blood, bringing her unique skills and perspective to their quests. Jeffries’ portrayal of her is expected to be a fresh take on this beloved character.

4. Aryan Simhadri As Grover Underwood

Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast

Set to take on the role of our favorite satyr is none other than Aryan Simhadri, who plays the role of Grover Underwood. While his filmography is not quite stacked yet, Simhadri isn’t a new kid on the block. He’s been in the movies The Main Event and Cheaper By The Dozen as well as the TV show Just Roll With It. In both the novel and the film adaptation, Grover is introduced as one of Percy’s best friends but turns out to be a satyr who’s keeping an eye on him. He plays a pivotal part in Percy’s journey and altogether softens his full-on fall into the world of gods and demigods.

5. Jason Mantzoukas As Dionysus

Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast

Known for taking on quirky and larger-than-life roles, Jason Mantzoukas plays the role of Dionysus, the god of wine, festivals, and theater. Commonly referred to as Mr. D, he’s pretty much in charge of the day-to-day at Camp Half-Blood. In Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Dionysus plays a pivotal role in the lives of the demigods, often providing both comic relief and unexpected wisdom. With Mantzoukas at the helm, viewers can expect a performance that stays true to the spirit of the character while injecting his signature humor and charm.

6. Glynn Turman As Chiron

Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series Cast And Characters

Taking on the role of Chiron in the new TV series adaptation of Percy Jackson And The Olympians is Glynn Turman. Altogether, his character embodies wisdom, strength, and compassion. In addition to his role as the activities director at Camp Half-Blood, Chiron is a centaur and has served in the past as a mentor to several legendary Greek heroes and demigods.

This Hollywood veteran has been gracing our screens since the 1960s and he has the stacked filmography to show for it. He’s been in classic films like Cooley High and Gremlins, but that’s just scratching the surface of his impressive career. Let’s not forget his work on television — from The Wire to House of Lies, he’s left quite a mark on the small screen as well. But there’s more to Turman than just his acting prowess, he’s also an accomplished director and playwright.

7. Lance Reddick As Zeus

Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series Cast And Characters

Stepping into the thonged sandals of the god of thunder and King of the gods was none other than the late Lance Reddick. True to Greek mythology, the book and films have so far portrayed Zeus as one of the “big three” gods who form a covenant to not father any more demigods. While this aspect was merely glazed over in the film, it’ll be interesting to see if the TV show fleshes it out. Known for his intense performances in roles ranging from The Wire to John Wick, Reddick was no doubt one of the best men for the job. Altogether, he was able to film the entirety of Season 1 before his passing, and the entire cast and production team were distraught at his passing.

8. Jay Duplass As Hades

Jay Duplass - Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast

With his knack for blending humor and gravitas, Jay Duplass is bound to bring a fresh and compelling dimension to Hades. Now, we all know Hades as the brooding, dark ruler of the underworld, but with Duplass at the helm, audiences can expect a whole new take on this iconic character. Needless to say, Hades plays a big role seeing as he’s one of the first God Percy encounters after finding out he’s a demigod.

Duplass himself is a man who wears many hats—figuratively, of course. He’s an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He has been in the game for decades and is known for his roles in movies like Outside In and Prospect. The star has also been in TV shows like The Mindy Project and The Chair.

9. Toby Stephens As Poseidon

Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast

There’s a whole lot riding on the role of Poseidon in Percy Jackson And The Olympians. While he may not get as much screen time as his demigod son, Poseidon is as much a central character. In this case, the person taking on the role is Toby Stephens. Known for his versatile acting chops, Stephens is no stranger to complex characters. So, it’ll be interesting to see his interpretation of the god of the ocean and one-third of the ‘big three’.

Born into an illustrious acting family, Stephens has managed to carve his own path in the entertainment industry. His versatility has been tried and tested with roles ranging from a dashing naval officer in Black Sails to a cunning villain in a Bond film. Besides his work on both the big and small screens, he’s also been in a handful of onstage productions.

10. Adam Copeland As Ares

Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series Cast And Characters

Adam Copeland is as fit as any to take on the role of the god of war and part of the Greek pantheon. Known for his impressive wrestling career, Copeland seamlessly transitioned into the world of acting. He’s been in the 2020 film Money Plane as well as the TV show Vikings. The god of war himself is portrayed with somewhat of a dual nature — he’s got a volatile temperament but a certain underlying vulnerability that rears its head now and then. Besides his pivotal role, his daughter Clarisse (Dior Goodjohn) has a more significant part to play in later installments of the Percy Jackson series.

11. Lin-Manuel Miranda As Hermes

Percy Jackson And The Olympians TV Series Cast And Characters

The role of Hermes, the messenger god, is set to be played by Lin-Manuel Miranda in the upcoming Percy Jackson And The Olympians series. As the divine messenger and conduit between the mortal and immortal realms, Hermes plays a crucial role in Percy Jackson’s epic adventures. In the books, he’s portrayed as always popping in to offer cryptic advice or nudge Percy in the right direction. However, he doesn’t extend the same courtesy to his son… much like the other gods.

It’s safe to say that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a creative force to be reckoned with, which is evident in his pièce de résistance Hamilton. While he’s a known actor who’s been in The Sopranos and of course, Hamilton. However, his creative prowess has seen him thrive as a songwriter, filmmaker, and playwright.

12. Virginia Kull As Sally Jackson

Percy Jackson and the Olympians cast

The part of Percy Jackson’s kind-hearted and fiercely protective mother goes to Virginia Kull. In a world where gods can be petty and monsters are always lurking around the corner, Sally manages to bring a sense of normalcy and warmth. Every choice she’s ever made was for Percy’s wellbeing; from withholding the truth about Percy’s father to staying with his scumbag of a stepdad. She may not wield any weapons or have any powers but she’s as fierce as any Mama bear can be.

Talented actress, Virginia Kull has made a name for herself in both television and theatre. One of her most notable roles is in the critically acclaimed drama series Big Little Lies. However, she’s also been in Gracepoint and Sneaky Pete.

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