5 of the Most Vicious Ghosts in Movies

5 of the Most Vicious Ghosts in Movies
5 of the Most Vicious Ghosts in Movies

Credit: Rings

There are a lot of different ghosts in the movies and a lot of them serve different purposes. While initially, a spirit might have been seen as something to fear and to guard against, now there are ghosts who are friendly, protective, and who serve as guardians as well. The more that people have come to think about ghosts and the more that many have tried to understand the spirits that are written and spoken of, the more diverse they’ve become. But the upside for the horror genre is that ghosts are still considered to be vicious and vindictive in many movies since they’ve been seen as tormentors and troublemakers that don’t have a lot of regard for the living. The worst ghosts are those who appear as angry and vengeful spirits since, quite often, they don’t care who they hurt so long as they get to take someone down the wrong path or torment those they believe deserve it. However it happens, there are ghosts in movies that are beneficial, but there are a lot of ghosts that are downright mean. 

Here are five of the most vicious ghosts in movies. 

5. Mrs. Ganush-Drag Me to Hell


credit: Drag Me to Hell

Mrs. Ganush was just a strange-looking old woman, to be certain, but as a spirit, she became an absolute demon as she ended up being even worse, which was proven when she continued to torment the young woman who wouldn’t help her out at the bank. It could be said that she was one of the more petty ghosts on this list since the young woman had little to no control over what happened with her loan, but she was definitely one of the most terrifying. The fact is that she started out as a woman who could have easily been given at least a few ounces of pity, but apart from that, she’s so bent on revenge that even that little bit of pity is generous. 

4. The Hammer-13 Ghosts

Thir13en Ghosts' is Childhood to Me | by Akos Peterbencze | Vulnerable Man  | Medium

credit: 13 Ghosts

There isn’t a lot of backstory on this character, nor is there on a lot of the ghosts in this movie other than what is spoken. But the fact is that even when compared to the crazed spirit, the carved-up princess, and the juggernaut in this movie, the Hammer is by far the most vicious since he looks as though he’s itching for a fight half the time and he’s easily one of the most violent since he doesn’t hesitate to attack when he finally gets free. On top of that, the others appear to savor the feel of the hunt, while the Hammer is more or less ready to throw down at a moment’s notice and can do a serious amount of damage. 

3. Samara-The Ring

The Little Girl Who Played Samara In The Ring Is Unrecognizable Now

credit: The Ring

The indiscriminate spirits are sometimes the worst since they don’t care if they take the worst of humanity or the best. They simply attack because someone meets a very simple set of criteria. Samara was stated to be evil no matter how one describes her since the details of her life weren’t exactly complimentary, and what she accomplished after death was horrible enough to paint her as a seriously twisted spirit. Plus, there’s no stopping her once she’s locked onto a target, as seven days is all the victim will get before she finds a way to take what is either her revenge or her due. 

2. Kane-Poltergeist 3

credit: Poltergeist III

Kane is persistent; that much is obvious. He was more of a nuisance at times in this trilogy and not as much of a presence until about the second movie. He was a guiding force from the first movie onward, but in the second feature he ended up becoming far more prominent. The third Poltergeist movie was kind of corny and extremely campy, but there were moments in the movie when it became kind of rough and a little raw since Kane was out to get Carol Anne and everyone in the building. He went from being an unseen nuisance to a spirit that was determined to get what he wanted at any cost. That makes him dangerous, but his methods make him vicious since this guy went after everyone, and he started with children rather than taking everyone as fair game. 

1. Candyman-Candyman

Jordan Peele Joins Candyman Reboot as Producer

credit: Candyman

This ghost could be called creepy as hell simply because of the talents of Tony Todd, as he is the only voice that people have ever accepted without question as the Candyman. It makes sense, considering that he’s the first person to portray this character, but his voice would become so widely recognized over the years that anytime he’s on-screen, people tend to get excited. As the Candyman, though, he’s one of the most vicious individuals to ever terrify people in a horror story. 


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