The Top 10 Assassins in Movies

The Top 10 Assassins in Movies

The Top 10 Assassins in Movies

In the movies, assassins are usually some of the coolest but most closed-off people in the world since their profession often requires them to be aloof and yet still capable of blending into society as one of those that people might feel are harmless and average. Those on this list are all capable of such a thing, but at their core, they’re killers that have little to no qualms about taking the lives of others. While some of them have moral codes that keep them from killing just anyone, others aren’t so restricted when it comes to the targets they accept. A good assassin is a type that will take on a job and finish the job before melting into the background again, which is a valued skill among any killer that ensures their survival for a little longer, as the general attitude toward assassins in society is that their work is considered to be less than desired.  Here are ten of the best assassins in the movies. 

10. Agent 47 – Hitman

The movies didn’t exactly hit a high note with fans, but the choreography and the ability given to the stars was still impressive enough to make this game turned movie into something that was visually stunning in a few ways. It did include a bit of humor here and there that fell a little flat, but the action scenes were still kind of fun to watch since there’s no doubt that Agent 47 is simply the best in this movie.  

9. Anton Chigurh – No Country for Old Men

Anton has to be one of the scariest people on this list because of his dead-eyed stare and his overly casual manner. As an assassin he’s effective, but he’s also a bit more forceful than others, which means that despite being able to move about as he pleases, he’s more of a battering ram than a knife in the dark. 

8. Vincent – Collateral

The fact that Tom Cruise put on the guise of a delivery man to see if he could blend into society and not be noticed is kind of interesting since it was done to make certain that he could pull off such a role. The idea that Vincent could move about as he pleased and not draw too much attention was important for this part, and it worked. 

7. Raizo – Ninja Assassin

The funny thing about this movie is that Raizo is a protector more than an assassin, even though he was trained by a clan of assassins so that he could become an effective killer. When he turned on his own clan though he became a marked man that had to watch his back constantly. With the skills he possesses however that doesn’t appear to be a big problem. 

6. Cataleya Restrepo – Colombiana

Whoever used to think that only men could make effective assassins obviously missed out on a few stories since Colombiana made it clear that women are fully capable and can be trained to be every bit as deadly as men, if not more so. The skills she displays in this movie are such that it’s best to think that underestimating women in such a field is anything but wise. 

5. Hanna – Hanna

This would definitely be a rough and unforgiving childhood, but when it’s done out of necessity to keep Hanna from falling into the wrong hands it’s kind of easy to understand. Still, worrying about adult assassins is one thing, having to wonder about child assassins would be a certified nightmare. 

4. Leon – Leon: The Professional

Leon is the kind of guy that definitely has a strong set of morals, and strangely enough, he’s not the type of guy that likes to kill, he simply does it because it’s needed and he’s getting paid. Just imagine what might happen if this guy were the type that actually enjoyed his job. 

3. Jason Bourne – The Bourne Identity

So, who’s more dangerous, an assassin with a faulty memory, or an assassin that has a full understanding of who he is and what he’s done? It’s pretty easy to see in the Bourne movies that Jason is deadly no matter what his memory is like, and depending on the situation, he’s likely to prove to be too much for a lot of people with the wealth of knowledge he possesses when it comes to killing people. 

2. Mr. Goodkat – Lucky Number Slevin

This one was a bit of fun since Mr. Goodkat is the type of guy that has a moral center but keeps it hidden away as much as possible. He does have a soft spot for Max, however, the kid he was supposed to kill, but instead mentored over the years to help him get his revenge on The Boss and The Rabbi. But is he still just as brutal? Oh, hells yes. 

1. John Wick – John Wick

As of now, John Wick is THE assassin that a lot of people have come to enjoy, since whether it’s with weaponry or his bare hands, John is deadly without any question. How many people do you know that could kill someone with a pencil? 

There are bound to be other greats that come along and there are plenty of others in the movies that are equally impressive, but these ten are easy to notice when it comes to this subject. 

Agent 47

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