5 Things The Frasier Reboot Gets Right

5 Things The Frasier Reboot Gets Right

Originally, Frasier (1993) was an American sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer as a snobby psychiatrist who moves from Boston to Seattle to host a radio talk show and interestingly, Frasier has just gotten a reboot! The show was first aired on NBC for 11 seasons, with the final episode premiering in 2004. And with its 37 Emmy Awards and various other accolades, Frasier is recognized as one of the most successful TV shows of all time. 

So, when Paramount+ announced a revival of the show in 2023, the expectations from the modern-day Frasier were sky-high. The reboot shows Dr. Frasier Crane after he’s moved back to Boston, kickstarting a new phase of his life. While the reboot has divided fans and critics, with some claiming that it fails to live up to its successor, here are 5 things that the show gets right! 

1. Kelsey Grammer Remains True to His Character Even Two Decades Later

snippet from The Frasier Reboot

Grammer might just be one of the only actors who’s won Emmys for the same character on three different shows. Frasier Crane was originally a character in the 1982 sitcom Cheers. He then made a cameo in the show Wings before landing his very own show Frasier. With brilliant comedic timing, Kelsey was the heart and soul of the show. Years later, he’s able to slip right back into character. 

In the reboot, Fraise stops by Boston for a guest lecture and decides to check on his son, Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott), who’s just dropped out of college. Ultimately, the doctor decides to take up a teaching job at Harvard to be closer to his son and ends up convincing Freddy to move in with him after purchasing his entire apartment building. So, just like the original, the reboot starts with a bickering father and son living under one roof. That gives the new Frasier major points for nostalgia

2. The All-New Ensemble Cast 

cast of The Frasier Reboot

Most of the time, reboots are made with most members of the original cast. But Fraiser is an exception. The only character making a comeback is Dr. Frasier himself. Now, while that has been upsetting for a lot of fans, it also isn’t entirely a bad thing. The Frasier revival has an all-new cast, with Nicholas Lyndhurst as Alan Cornwall and Jack Cutmore-Scott as Freddy Crane in the lead along with Grammer. 

If there’s one character whose absence is definitely felt in the reboot, it’s Niles (David Hyde Pierce), Frasier’s snooty and eccentric brother. But according to Pierce himself, “It can be done without me.” The actor believes that the absence of the old characters will give Frasier the chance to form other new relationships and for the show to have fresh stories to tell. 

3. Saying Goodbye to John Mahoney 

John Mahoney being honored in Frasier

Even with a bunch of fresh faces, the show is hoping to stay true to the themes of the original sitcom. In its very first episode, the show pays tribute to John Mahoney’s character Martin Crane. The last scene shows an old clip of Mahoney as Martin, wearing his trademark flannel shirt and saying “It all works out.”A nice sendoff like this allows both the fans and the characters to move on and look forward to all the new things the reboot has in store. 

4. Freddy Taking Martin Crane’s Place 

Freddy in Frasier Reboot

Of course, no character can ever replace Mahoney’s brilliant portrayal of the retired police detective and army veteran. But Frasier’s Season 1 reboot made it clear that Freddy is more like his grandfather than anyone else. Right before the end of the season 1 premiere, Frasier gives Freddy the flag that was flown over the Washington State Capitol Building in honor of his grandfather. This almost solidifies the fact that Freddy is now going to be the second protagonist of the show, filling the void left by Martin. Not to mention that his job as a firefighter perfectly echoes his late grandfather’s service in the police department

5. Eve and Freddy’s Relationship 

eve in Frasier Reboot

At the beginning of the show, Frasier thinks that Freddy is living with his girlfriend, Eve, played by Jess Salguerio. Turns out Eve was Freddy’s colleague’s girlfriend. Sadly, the colleague died in a fire and that’s when Freddy moved in with Eve to help her raise her child. 

While that sets the perfect backdrop for a romance, the writers have decided to take their time with Eve and Freddy. After all, both the characters need time to heal from the loss of their loved ones. So, instead of having them rush into things, the writers are building up their chemistry one episode at a time. In a way, Eve and Freddy’s dynamic mimics Niles and Daphe’s (Jane Leeves) will they/won’t they storyline from the original show, giving the fans something they’re familiar with to root for! Check out this guide that explains why Kelsey Grammer chose to return to Frasier after 16 years.

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