Jimmy Smits May Return as Bail Organa in Rogue One TV Series

This could be another bit of good news for the Star Wars franchise since Jimmy Smits coming back as Bail Organa could give the Rogue One series that’s still being planned another layer to it that is bound to make the show a little more popular given that in the books and graphic novels Bail is a fairly important figure up until the destruction of his homeworld. Organa isn’t exactly a central character to any part of the franchise but he is an ally that tends to mean quite a bit to the rebels and the Jedi since he has loyalties to both and is a staunch supporter of both. Smits played the character in Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, and the Rogue One movie so it’s fair to state that he has the act down and would have no trouble getting back into character. Some might think he’s a bit over-zealous in his roles at times but he brings the appropriate level of professionalism to each part he plays and as Bail is a politician and leader of his people he is a little uptight at times and kind of rigid, but as a royal that’s just kind of how the character is. But since his character doesn’t perish until A New Hope he would definitely be able and probably welcome to show up on the Cassian Andor series considering all the character has done for the rebels. As Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb points out the shooting for the Rogue One series was supposed to start up fairly soon but it’s been pushed back thanks to the continued need for social distancing.

It does however sound as though filming will be taking place in England where it might be possible to actually move ahead with the project and get it back on track, though we’ll have to wait and see. One has to wonder if Bail Organa will be showing up briefly for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series as well since he had dealings with the master Jedi in the past, though not nearly as frequently after Kenobi made his way to Tatooine. So far the Star Wars shows are really pulling out all the stops when it comes to their cast, as The Mandalorian has already announced that a few noted faces are coming back from season 1, and a few new additions are coming as well. It’s been impressive to see how many known celebrities are being pulled into the Star Wars franchise at this time since Mark Boone Jr., Bill Burr, Gina Carano, and Carl Weathers are just a few that made their way into The Mandalorian, but to think that the other series will be able to pull off the same trick is even better since the Star Wars movies have featured several famous names as well.

Jimmy Smits has made the rounds in his career you could say since he’s been able to show up in some fairly big movies and has even been convincing enough to return as the same character. Bail Organa is the kind of presence that’s not entirely pertinent to the story apart from the role he plays in Princess Leia’s life, as he’s more or less just THERE in the Star Wars movies until the situation becomes so obviously skewed that his help is absolutely needed. Considering that he’s a monarch and is a crafty individual he’s able to help the rebels for a good amount of time before Alderaan is blown to pieces. He’s also been written into the main story as a very calm and peaceful individual that attempted to teach his adopted daughter how to be a diplomat but also a strong and very caring individual. From a story standpoint he’s one of the reasons why Princess Leia’s character was expected to be both regal and compassionate at the same time. Seeing Jimmy Smits show up again will be nice since it will keep the continuity of the character and it could possibly involve him in a much more interesting way since until Revenge of the Sith he was, for the most part, a friend to the Jedi and a diplomat and little else. In the Rogue One series he’ll have already become a father and remain a secret supporter of the Rebel Alliance. Of course that secret does get found out eventually as Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine aren’t fools.

Despite the rumors that the show might start filming soon we’re going to have to wait and see just how things develop, but at this moment it does sound hopeful that things might get back on track eventually, so long as the shutdown is eventually lifted. At the very least it does sound as though a good amount of pre-development has been taking place, which should help when it’s time to get back to work.

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