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All you sci-fi television fans can sleep just a little bit easier at night. Why? Because chances are actually looking good for a FlashForward season two.
I know you’re all asking What? But FlashForward’s been losing viewers like crazy! Last week’s episode only got 5.42 million viewers!
And I know what you’re saying. As much as I love ABC Thursday’s sci-fi series, I was really skeptical of the series coming back for another year, simply because it was doing so poorly with American audiences. And I still am skeptical, to a certain degree. But Kristin dos Santos of E! Online is telling me to worry less for Mark Benford and his pals.
“I’m hearing there is most definitely a chance FlashForward will be renewed,” dos Santos shared, “because it actually does fairly well overseas and doesn’t hemorrhage as much money as you’d think. A source tells me, ‘This is a rare case where a low domestic performer could get a surprise pickup.’ We’ll find out May 18, when ABC announces its schedule.”
After I’d finished celebrating over this wonderful piece of news, I calmed myself down and thought about it. Not only is this occurrence rare (American audiences are usually a pretty good gauge for the rest of the world). But, according to CNN, the UK, Italy, and Spain all love FlashForward. Could they save the drama? As Kristin says, it’s very possible (though ratings are starting to slip in the UK as well — the most recent episode hit a series low of 1.8 million).
But if FlashForward gets picked up, what does that mean for ABC’s other freshman sci-fi series, V? It definitely seems unlikely that ABC will keep both shows — one will most likely not make it to a season two. And if I were a betting man, I’d say that things aren’t looking too good for V.
What do you think? Have your spirits been lifted along with FlashForward’s renewal chances? Will you be sending chess pieces to ABC to let them know that you want more FlashForward along with the rest of the world?

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