Sleepy Hollow Review: The Symbol’s Secret is revealed as Pandora tries to get her Box back

Sleepy Hollow

Okay, I’ve seen my share of scary monsters, but the one in this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow will be the source of my nightmares tonight. Thanks a lot, Sleepy Hollow! Ahem, let’s get to the review, shall we?

This episode has our favourite Witnesses spending most of the hour apart. Abbie is taking part in a survival training exercise while Ichabod is learning more about the mysterious symbol/pendant that was found in Leed’s lab on last week’s episode. Meanwhile, Jenny and Joe attended an artifact auction, to which remnants of Pandora’s Box was put up for bid. The two of them suffered semi-dire consequences when Pandora appeared, asking for the return of her property after choking another bidder half to death with her own version of The Force. Maybe she should divorce the Hidden One and marry Darth Vader.

I freaked out a little when I saw Joe touch the glass case that protected Pandora’s Box and his eyes turned white. I had a sinking feeling that the Wendigo creature will be making a brief appearance. True enough, Joe began to transform into the Wendigo as he laid his hand upon the Box again and scratched Pandora when she tried to retrieve the Box from Joe. Is it bad of me to grin like a madwoman when Joe slashed Pandora’s arm?

Back in the forest, Abbie and Agent Foster took on the gruesome-looking, nightmare of the night monster, I thought that it would be weakened somewhat after Abbie chopped off its arm. I didn’t foresee that the arm would regenerate itself like a starfish’s. Looks like Abbie has her work cut out for her given that she is not allowed to use her cellphone to call for help. Least Agent Foster is there to help when needed or Abbie would turn into a monster like the guide did at the cabin after being attacked by the creature. Speaking of the cabin, how was Abbie able to find it? She was preoccupied with fighting the worm monster so how could she have located the abandoned cabin? Someone get me some context in here please!

The thing that shocked me while watching this episode is that the symbol is actually two pieces joined together like magnets much like the stone tablet that Ichabod brought back from his travels (I facepalmed when Ichabod messed with the floating thingamajig in the Rochester professor’s lab. Good job Ichabod, good job). I don’t quite know how Ichabod managed to figure it out, but he put the two separate symbol pieces on the separated tablet pieces and it allowed him to see what was going on with Abbie. The man out of time was able to quickly locate Abbie and shoot the creature dead with his gun in true Ichabod Crane fashion. Bravo, Ichabod, bravo. Fingers crossed that the symbol will actually help the cause and not jeopardize the mission.

I felt sympathy toward Joe as he confided in Jenny that the Wendigo is still inside him like a demonic half of himself and that he is still a monster. Jenny comforts her boyfriend that he’s not a monster and she would trust him with her life. Don’t ever let her go Joe, ever. Going along the lines of trouble in paradise, the Hidden One is fed up with his wife’s constant failures of dealing with the Witnesses and decided to go after them himself. You got one angry husband, Pandora. If you want to switch sides, now’s the time!

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