Four Times Johnny Depp Talked Memorably About Mother Betty Sue Palmer

Four Times Johnny Depp Talked Memorably About Mother Betty Sue Palmer
Four Times Johnny Depp Talked Memorably About Mother Betty Sue Palmer

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It’s tough to lose someone you love, and Betty Sue Palmer was an important woman to her son. Her son happens to be none other than Johnny Depp. Despite the turmoil of their lives together, they were also close. The world knew long before the Johnny Depp Amber Heard Defamation trial in 2022 that his mother wasn’t exactly Mary Poppins. Her own son talked about it during her 2016 funeral. However, the two were close despite her issues. Johnny Depp and Betty Sue Palmer were more than close. The Pirates actor bears a tattoo of her name on his arm, and she was his date to the Academy Awards the first time he was nominated for an Oscar. We thought we might revisit some of the most famous quotes from Johnny Depp about Betty Sue Palmer.

Johnny Depp’s Words About His Mother at Her Funeral

Betty Sue Palmer died in 2016. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and spent the following three years battling her illness. Ultimately, she did not win. While at her funeral, her own son was open about his relationship with his mother. “My mom was maybe the meanest human being I have ever met in my life,” and we learned a bit more about the details during the 2022 defamation trial. His sister sat on the stand and truthfully told the court that their mother was physically and emotionally abusive. We also know she was verbally abusive to her family, and her son did not try to sugarcoat the facts even when she was buried.

Four Times Johnny Depp Talked Memorably About Mother Betty Sue Palmer

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Johnny Depp on Buying His Mother a Farm in Kentucky

It was his mother who bought him his first guitar. It was his mother who supported Depp when he left high school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in music. While his music career didn’t take off as he’d hoped, he did all right for himself. He’s only one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. He’s a household name with a recognizable face and beyond talented in front of a camera. When he began making money as an actor, he chose to buy his mother, a horse farm in her native Kentucky. “Betty Sue, I worshipped her, but she could be a real b***h on wheels,” is one of his more famous thoughts on his mother.

Johnny Depp on Doing Better Than His Own Mother

It’s not a secret that her life was a difficult one. It’s been repeated time and time that her childhood was difficult. Her first marriage to Depp’s father was difficult. She was difficult. Her son said it best one time when he discussed his mother’s childhood. “My mother was raised in a shack in the wilds of Appalachia, where the toilet was an outhouse. She used to say the same things that her mom did – and she certainly didn’t know any better. My kids they’re told 75 times a day that they’re loved. One thing I know is they feel loved and secure and happy and needed and necessary and a part of something,” he said of his own choices about parenting. He didn’t make any excuses for his mother. She was the way she was simply because she didn’t know better. However, Depp learned better, and so he did better.

Four Times Johnny Depp Talked Memorably About Mother Betty Sue Palmer

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Betty Sue Palmer Did Give Some Good Advice

She might not have known better than what her parents taught her, but Johnny Depp’s mother had better advice to offer her than he could ever hope for. She said all she needed to say when it came to defending himself, protecting himself, and standing up for himself. “She’d come from nothing but hillbillies, and she said, ‘OK, here’s the deal. Next time anybody puts their hands on you, pick up a brick and lay them out,’ And I’ve taken that advice ever since,” and honestly, she said what just about every parent would love to say to their kids when someone is picking on them. She may not have said it with elegance, but she said it with meaning.

Betty Sue Palmer lived a hard life, but her son loved her regardless. In the end, he chose to forgive her for her sins. He knew she didn’t do the things she did out of spite or malice. She did them simply because she did not know better. She was never taught differently, and she did what she knew. Johnny Depp recognizes that, and he has decided to forgive his mother. He’s also decided to do better than he was taught. Judging from his own relationship with his kids, we’d say he’s doing a lovely job.

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