Five Terrible Movies Featuring The Cast Of Being The Ricardos

Aaron Sorkin makes his return behind the camera with this fascinating behind-the-scenes look of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, who are threatened by stunning accusations, and a political smear that hopes to cancel the popular and groundbreaking sitcom, I Love Lucy. The upcoming film is stacked with a huge cast including Javier Bardem and Nicole Kidman. This list will examine the five terrible movies featuring the cast of Being The Ricardos. Let’s get started with the first feature.

The Stepford Wives

Based on Ira Levin’s novel of the same name, this 2004 remake centered on executive Joanna Eberhart and her family who moves to the Connecticut suburb of Stepford. Joanna never becomes accustomed to the lifestyle in Stepford and the executive soon suspects that something isn’t right with her community, which opens a paradox’s box of shocks and surprises. The remake of the 1975 film takes a different approach by cutting back on the original’s satirical edge; however, that type of humor is sorely missed in the 2004 update as the context of the themes explored isn’t as thought-provoking as its source material. The star-studded cast does the best that they can with the material, and often help boost the energy of the film; however, the talented cast isn’t able to overcome a lackluster script that fails to be suspenseful, intriguing, and most importantly, funny, which is essential for a comedy.

The Last Face

Javier Bardem doesn’t have many clusters in his filmography; however, The Last Face is the rare blemish on his otherwise perfect resume. The film is about Miguel, a Spanish doctor, who falls in love with a spokesperson of a military organization and the two must balance their secret affair with their work. Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem always give 100% in every role that they’re in; however, the duo is saddled with a pair of forgettable and one-dimensional characters. At its core, the message of The Last Face is ultimately good; however, that doesn’t result in a compelling movie. The film doesn’t really commit to the relationship aspect of Miguel and Wren, and the parts we do get between the two characters is often melodramatic and clunky.

Love The Coopers

This generic dysfunctional Christmas family movie stars an A-list cast that sees The Cooper family return home for the holidays, with parents Sam and Charlotte welcoming back their son Hank, daughter Eleanor, and Charlotte’s father, Bucky. With this being the final Christmas celebration before Sam and Charlotte’s divorce, holiday shenanigans arise during the spirited holiday. The charming A-list cast help elevate their stock characters, but the numerous plots wthin Love The Coopers makes for a highly predictable and less engaging film. Love The Coopers has a couple of fun and effective moments but given the incredible depth of talent attached to this film, the script should’ve been able to match the talent and energy of the holiday feature.

The Snowman

In this disappointing mystery thriller, The Snowman is an adaptation of Norwegian author Jo Nesbo’s book series that centers around Detective Harry Hole, who investigates the death of a young woman who was murdered by The Snowman killer who continuously taunts the brilliant detective. Harry must battle his internal demons before the killer successful pulls of his master crime. The Snowman had Oscar potential. In fact, this movie could’ve been a modern day Seven. Instead, it’s a meandering slog that fails to properly fill its runtime. What’s worse, is the crime itself is an uninspired and often convoluted mess. Michael Fassbender does what he can with the material; however, he’s dragging down by the terrible script that does a poor job with characterization.


In this Uwe Boll “classic”, Postal is about a cult leader that hires a jobless loser to help him save his compound from closure. In the meantime, Osama Bin Laden tries to copy a popular cartoon character with biological agents. If you’re confused by the two sentences I just provided (which is from rotten tomatoes) then that should tell you alone what kind of film you’re walking into. On paper, a satirical take on 9/11 has potential (though it would be extremely controversial) and in the right hands, Postal could’ve been another Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the bomb or Jojo Rabbit; however, Postal ends up being a nonsensical farce with offensive comedy that fails to generate any laughs. The movie doesn’t have a coherent message, with scattershot action, atrocious acting that’s guided by extremely bland and misguided directing. Boll doesn’t understand how to properly convey his message and throws everything at the wall to see what sticks. None of it works, and you’re stuck watching a meaningless film that runs out of steam well before its 1 hour and 46-minute runtime.

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