The Five Best Nicole Kidman Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Nicole Kidman Movies of Her Career

Nicole Kidman is an actress you either like or you don’t, there’s not a lot of middle ground. Many people have their own reasons not to like her but if it’s attributed to her acting talent then quite honestly they need to watch one of her movies again to see that her talent is quite adequate to the task and her ability is solid. She’s not like other actors in many ways but that’s her charm and her approach to the craft, and it’s not about to change since each actor has their own style and their own methods and that’s how it goes. Throughout her career she’s given nothing but her best and it’s been shown with the awards she’s won throughout her time in the industry. Few if any people can win an Academy award after all and be called anything but great. So in all honesty she’s proven her worth to the industry a few times over.

Here are a few of her best movies from her career at this point.

5. To Die For

Suzanne is the kind of woman that has too much ambition and not enough impulse control when it comes to getting what she wants. Unfortunately when what she wants is nothing but to live comfortable with the man that will keep her secure and not want anything but her. Her dedication to her own career however was something that kind of went past her reach. The opportunity to get what she wanted was something that led her to commit an act so heinous that it was easy to see that she had no heart and a great deal of something that was just short of being a psychopath but far and away from being a decent human being.

4. Eyes Wide Shut

This is kind of an odd movie but it seems to circulate around a ritual orgy and what Bill sees. It’s easily apparent that the people that held the orgy are a bit worried about their activities being revealed and will do just about anything to make sure that those who attended will stay quiet. But when he begins to push his way into the truth about the orgy Bill begins to find that more and more of the world that he thought he knew is hidden behind a mask that he never knew about in the past. It’s a very strange film that was called provocative in its time and was something that a person really needed to get into.

3. The Hours

This film takes place across three different eras that are connected by the writings of the first character, Virginia Woolf, a rather popular author that many literary classes and professors have assigned to students throughout the US. The main theme seems to be how Woolf has managed to influence others throughout the years with her writing and how some people, women in this film, have taken to modeling themselves after one of her famous characters. The idea of suicide and the reasons to not commit it are a constant theme throughout the movie, as is the very real presence of depression.

2. Cold Mountain

The hardships of the Civil War have been revisited in many a movie and they always seem to be horrible when you really think about the living conditions that were forced upon the people time and again. To think that a couple could share their love for each other and then part in such a way is hard to think about, though it still happens in this day and age with those that enter the military. For Ada at least she had one night with her betrothed when he returned and it yielded up the best part of him that she could keep to remember him by, a daughter. If nothing else, love endures in one way or another.

1. Moulin Rouge

Love is a curious thing, especially when it’s forbidden by anyone that has the mind to do such a thing. Satine is a dancer that wishes to be a real actress, while Christian is a writer in love with a woman he can’t have largely because it would mean his life if he decided to really pursue such a thing. The two of them do fall in love but due to the nature of the show, their relationship, and the jealousy of a very angry and possessive duke things don’t get to end on a happy note since, well, that’s just the way things are sometimes. Satine dies of tuberculosis, the duke refuses to fund the show, and Christian is asked by Satine to write their story, which he does.

Some of her stories end on a very sad note but with a definite silver lining for some of the characters. For her own part, Kidman seems to draw the part of the tragic but glamorous and very strong woman at times.

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