Five Exceptionally Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts stole our hearts in the late 1980s. First, with her role in Mystic Pizza, followed by her 1989 role in Steel Magnolias with its ensemble cast and heartbreaking moments. However, it was not until she starred as the uncouth, poorly-dressed hooker in Pretty Woman that she stole the show. It was the role of a lifetime, the makeover that made us all over, and one of the greatest movies of all time. She cemented her role in Hollywood as the best of the best; nothing has changed in the past 32 years. She is an icon, and we all know her. However, we don’t know all there is to know about her, which is where these fun, unknown, but also exciting tidbits of information come into play.

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte Did Not Get Along

Whether they get along now remains a mystery. There is a good chance they still do not care much for one another, but they’ve buried the hatchet in terms of knowing how to behave publicly. However, when they worked together on a movie in 1994, they were not friends. She didn’t like him, he didn’t like her, and they did not get along. In fact, Roberts called him ‘disgusting’ and said he deliberately goes out of his way to ensure people do not like him. On the flip side, Nolte said that he was partly to blame for the issues between them, but Roberts was also partly to blame.

A Very Important Person Paid the Hospital Bill for Roberts’ Birth

Julia Roberts’ parents were both activists who fought hard for civil rights. When she was born, her parents were the proud owners of a theater school they had worked hard to build. However, they were not financially stable enough to afford the hospital bill when their daughter was born. Before becoming parents to Julia Roberts, Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King were called Roberts’ mother. They wanted their kids enrolled in a school, and no one would take them. Roberts’ mother took them into her school question in their small Georgia town.

The families quickly became friends following that instance. It was natural that the King family would pay the hospital bill for the Roberts family when their daughter was born. They helped the King family when they didn’t have anywhere to send their kids to school, and they paid it forward. It’s a fantastic story.

Julia Roberts Had a Strict Condition for Her Guest-Starring Role in Friends

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Season two, the one with the Super Bowl and all the other famous guests, is when Julia Roberts showed up on the hit sitcom Friends. It turns out that she was in a real-life relationship with Matthew Perry at the time. Being that Chandler on the hit show is Matthew Perry, Julia Roberts said she would only make a guest appearance if she was in a Chandler storyline. She’s famously the woman who runs into her old friend from school in the show, seems to be romantically interested in him, but only wants to get back at him. And she does, too, and it was epic. It was also a fun moment for the stars to work together.

Julia Roberts Bought a Boombox With Her First Check

What’s a boombox? The kids born well after the 90s are asking (much to our horror…we all had one). It’s an instrument that plays music – tapes, the radio, etc. It’s huge. You couldn’t carry it in your pocket the way you do your phones, but it was the single greatest part of growing up in the 80s and 90s. That’s how Julia Roberts decided to spend her first big paycheck when she became a working artist in Hollywood. We feel this.

Julia Roberts is Working on Her First Romantic Comedy in 20 Years

It’s called Ticket to Paradise, and it’s going to be fabulous. First and foremost, she’s working with the legendary George Clooney (again…these two are magic together). However, as she and Clooney play ex-spouses on their way to Bali to stop their grown daughter from marrying a man she just met, they find their feelings for one another. It’s the first time she’s worked on a romantic comedy in more than two decades, which is amazing. She’s Julia Roberts, and we can’t imagine how this fact escaped us. America’s Sweethearts in 2001 was her last. But don’t think she didn’t star in one because she didn’t want to. She simply didn’t find one good enough to star in during the past 20 years until this movie.

Credit: @juliaroberts

She is thrilled about it, and so are we. The movie is currently in theaters, and it’s doing quite well. Julia Robert’s new movie stars George Clooney as her ex-husband, and these two continue to prove they make magic when they are together. The long-time friends are movie soul mates (much like Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are), and it shows.

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