5 Surprising Career Paths of Former Child Stars

5 Surprising Career Paths of Former Child Stars

5 Surprising Career Paths of Former Child Stars

The world of child actors is a fascinating one, with some choosing to stay in the industry and others opting for a different path. While many former child stars fade into obscurity, others have gone on to forge successful careers in various fields. In this article, we’ll take a look at five former child actors who have taken surprising career paths, proving that life beyond the limelight can be just as fulfilling and rewarding.

1. Julianna Rose Mauriello: From LazyTown to Occupational Therapist

You may remember Julianna Rose Mauriello from the 2000s children’s show LazyTown. After her time in the spotlight, Mauriello decided to focus on her education, attending several universities before graduating and becoming an occupational therapist. While it may not seem like the most glamorous career choice, occupational therapy is a vital field that helps countless individuals lead better lives.

2. Isaac Lidsky: From Saved by the Bell to Legally Blind Law Clerk

Isaac Lidsky appeared in 13 episodes of Saved by the Bell: The New Class before being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that eventually caused him to lose most of his vision. Despite this setback, Lidsky went on to attend Harvard and became the first legally blind law clerk for Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor. His determination and accomplishments are truly inspiring.

3. Dylan Sprouse: From Big Daddy to Brewery Owner

Dylan Sprouse and his twin brother Cole rose to fame in the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy and continued to enjoy success in the entertainment industry. However, Dylan decided to branch out and opened a brewery in Brooklyn, New York. This venture showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to contributing to the local culture.

4. Shirley Temple: From Child Star to US Ambassador

Shirley Temple is perhaps one of the most iconic child stars of all time, known for her adorable curls and infectious charm. However, after retiring from show business at the age of 17, Temple went on to serve as a US ambassador, dedicating her life to public service. While she may always be remembered as the curly-haired little girl, her contributions to her country are equally important and noteworthy.

5. Jeff Cohen: From The Goonies to Successful Attorney

Who would have thought that Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk in The Goonies, would grow up to be a successful attorney? As a child, Cohen was the lovable, chubby kid who made audiences laugh and cheer. Today, he has left his acting days behind and built a thriving legal career.

These five former child stars demonstrate that life after the spotlight can be just as fulfilling and successful. Their diverse career paths serve as a reminder that there is more to life than fame and that personal growth and happiness can be found in various ways.

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