10 Things you Never Knew about The Goonies

10 Things you Never Knew about The Goonies

10 Things you Never Knew about The Goonies

If you’re a Goonies fan you might think you’ve got it all figured out by now right? Well chances are there are a few things you might not have known about one of your favorite films for all these years. There are loads of facts about this film that a lot of people simply never knew about. Some didn’t even know about the deleted scenes that were cut until the 25th anniversary!

So let’s test your knowledge and see how much you REALLY know about the Goonies.

10. The best props in the movie were thrown out.

The map to One-Eyed Willy’s treasure was taken home by Sean Astin and then thrown out by his mom. Seriously, do moms even get why boys keep things? Worse than that though is that the biggest prop of all, One-Eyed Willy’s ship, was eventually given away and torn down. Nobody wanted it, feel free to cry a tear.

9. Data spelled out his curse word because his mom requested it.

Do you recall when the giant rocks were falling after one of the guys  (cough cough, Mikey) lifted the trip wire? Data slipped and then spelled out a common expletive. This was done because his real life mom did want him cussing on film.

8. Sloth was a professional football player for the Raiders

John Matuszak was the big guy that coined “Hey you guys!”. He even wore a Raiders t-shirt in the film up until he traded for the Superman logo.

7. The Goonies oath was cut from the movie

The oath that all Goonies had to take, namely Chunk, Data, Mouth, and Mikey, before they could be a part of the group was cut out. In a deleted scene we’re shown that even Andy eventually took the oath after deciding to disappoint Troy.

6. Corey Haim auditioned for the part of Mouth, but Corey Feldman got it.

The two Corey’s used to be inseparable at one time. This time however Feldman had to go it alone.

5. There was a Goonies video game.

It was based off of mazes and challenges that were found in the movies and was actually kind of tough. Nintendo even went a little further and made Goonies 2 video game.

4. Jeff Cohen had the chicken pox while shooting the Truffle Shuffle scene.

The only reason he didn’t want to dare miss out was that he was afraid they would replace him with someone else. Even then he seemed to realize this was a chance to be a part of something great.

3. Sloth’s real name is Lotney Fratelli.

Between Sloth and Lotney it’s kind of a no-brainer on which one sounds better.

2. Sloth had a mechanical eye controlled by remote.

It took nearly five hours every day to get Sloth’s makeup right and he had to synchronize his real eye with his prosthetic to keep his blinking even.

1. The pirate ship was fashioned after the Sea Hawk  from an older film. 

The ship was hidden behind a wall of tarps so that the kids wouldn’t see it until it was time for the scene. Spielberg wanted their reactions to be as genuine as possible. But then Josh Brolin let out an s-bomb and they had to do the scene over. And the one older brother had to screw it up. Don’t know what to do with ya kid.

So how many of these facts did you know? To be honest I’ll have to admit there were few I hadn’t learned yet.


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