Five Characters That Might Die in Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 4 has come off in a way that makes it evident that not everyone is going to get out alive by the time this show is all over and done with. There are simply too many red flags, too many indications that someone might not make it to the last act, and too many hints that someone that fans care about might not see the final ending. At this point, Stranger Things fans have felt their heartstrings get plucked a few times since Barb, Bob, and even Hopper were huge losses, even though Hopper was revealed to still be alive. The point is that if a main character dies off at this point it feels as though it might destroy a lot of fans simply because they’re ready for the cast to feel permanent, especially after the last season saw them split up, with the Byer’s family and Eleven heading to a different state. There is a thought that someone will die and that it will be a seriously emotional moment that a lot of people won’t be able to deal with.  So who is going to die in Stranger Things season 4?

5. Steve

It kind of feels as though Steve has dodged a bullet or two in the past and might be living on borrowed time as of now. Of course, that’s just a feeling, and it could be that Steve is going to see the end after shedding a little more blood and sticking his neck out for others. The fact that Steve has come a long way since his beginning is one reason why his end might be coming sooner rather than later. But it could be that this transition could end up saving him by the time the show is all over. 

4. Max

Max does feel as though she’s relatively safe where she is, especially since she’s been able to escape Vecna and is typically stronger when with her friends. But it does feel as though Vecna might have a serious vendetta against her, and that could be one of the reasons why she might be on the chopping block eventually. On top of that, any memories of Billy have been tearing at her in a very meaningful way. This is one of the deaths that might bother a lot of people since it could end up being the most tragic. A lot of people would be pulling for Max to see things through to the end, but it’s hard to say for sure if that’s going to happen. 

3. Lucas

Lucas almost feels like a throwaway character at this point, which is horrible to say since he’s been around from the beginning. But at this time it does feel as though he might not be quite as necessary, or that he’s someone whose loss could galvanize the rest of the group. In a big way, it does feel that Lucas is one of the most uncertain of the group since he’s gone from being a part of their inner circle to being one of the jocks that doesn’t know whether or not he still wants to be a part of the original group. I could be wrong about this one, and I hope I am, but no one is perfectly safe at the moment. 

2. Nancy

Being that she’s been around two of Vecna’s kills, in some way, it feels as though Nancy is skirting on the edge when it comes to being the next to die. Plus, the fact that she was shown who Vecna used to be, the young man, Henry Creel, makes it feel as though she knows too much. That kind of knowledge tends to come with a price that Nancy might not be able to pay. While it would be sad if she happened to be the one to die, it’s not quite as tragic as some might think since like it or not, Nancy might be the character that could be sacrificed and thereby create a serious set of emotional responses that a lot of people might be able to chew on for a while. 

1. Eleven

This feels as natural as anything could, doesn’t it? Eleven is still the power that set everything in motion, even if Henry Creel forced her hand and thereby created the chain of events that would set this story in motion. Offing her at this point feels like it would suffer a lot of backlash, but at the same time, it would be poetic in a way to see Henry and Eleven finally end each other in a way that is very climactic and earth-shattering all at once. But since she’s already been thought to be dead in the past, it’s easy to think that she might be the one to end the threat.  Any death is going to be devastating to be fair, but any of these listed are going to be tough for fans to take. 

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