Five Predictions we’re Making about Stranger Things 3

Five Predictions we’re Making about Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things Season two was a treat with more characters, stories and digging deeper into the Upside-Down mythology. The last scene was quite simple where Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) closed the gate which cut off Shadow Monster’s access to the real world as well as killing the demodogs in the process.  It would be safe to say that right won over evil because no significant stars died. As we wait for the third season of the show, we have made some predictions of some of the things that may happen like:

1. A Huge Part of the Season May Take Part In Hawkins

The fact that the second season wraps up with Eleven safe in Hawkins might imply that Stranger Things 3 may also have many scenes there. Ross Duffer, one of the creators of the show, was also quoted saying that “it will take place in Hawkins.”  He went on to say that they were currently planning for at least four seasons because there are no plans to stretch it out for seven seasons or more when confirming that the 3rd season was underway.

2. There May be a Full Year Time Jump

A full year time jump between the second and the third season is highly possible. We picked this up from Matt Duffer who was telling The Hollywood Reporter that even if they wanted to jump right into the action, it would not be possible.  The primary reason for this would be that the kids were growing older and that the brains behind the show could only write and proceed to produce so fast. It is an aspect that presents specific challenges to the production team because they cannot start right off where the second season ended.

3. The Mind Flayer May Not Be Too Prominent

The mind flayer which is the spider-like monster in season two may be a no-show in Stranger Things 3 according to our predictions. One of the creators of the show shared the same sentiments when asked about it.  He explained that they have an Upside Down Document that has all the details about the mythology and rules of the monster. The latest production may have to parse it out slowly or even perhaps not use it at all.

With that in mind, you must remember that the Flayer already knows about the existence of Eleven and the fact that she has powers. It encountered her forces in the last episode. It is most likely that she will become a target according to the Duffers. Even though the creators have shut the door on the monster, it is still in the Upside Down and knows about the kids.

4. More Characters May Be Introduced

Fans of the show already know that there are other kids out there just like Eleven wandering around the US. The young ones have casual super-skills. We met eight of the kids in season 2. There is a high chance that we might encounter more in season 3.  Shawn Levey, the executive producer, said that they made it clear there are other numbers and there was no way that the world will only know about Eight and Eleven.

5. Will May not be in the Spotlight

Matt Duffer threw hints that it is a possibility that Will will not be in the spotlight in Stranger Things 3. He said that chances were that they would give the poor soul a break.  According to our predictions, it may give them a chance to focus more on Lucas or even his fantastic sister. As for when you can finally sit down to enjoy the show, we can bet that it will be in 2019 which for now looks like a century away.

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