Bill Nye Proves Once Again Why He’s The Coolest

Bill Nye is a national treasure. The man made science cool for a generation of young adults. We loved his experiments, we loved the way he never talked down to kids, and let’s face it, we all memorized his theme song. The kids who once revered him grew up and had to explain to their kids what the fuss was about this guy. Mercifully, Bill Nye is back on Netflix with Bill Nye Saves The World. Thus far he is keeping to his word, but he just did something that proves why he’s the coolest.

Not that we needed another reason, but Bill Nye using science to explain last year’s greatest Netflix successes is pure genius. Below Bill explains the science behind Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s hyperactivity and obsession with coffee. It’s not exactly breaking scientific discovery, but the math is staggering.

Bill Nye explaining the theoretical physics of Stranger Things is the epitome of cool. Various shows are delving into theoretical science of time travel, multiple universes, parallel universes, and everything in between. Though he doesn’t get too deep into specifics, Bill Nye places his bet on the theory he agrees with.

This season on Bill Nye Saves The World you can watch the great scientist explain climate change, humans on Mars, homeopathic remedies, video games, and even sex! We sure didn’t get this particular education when we first met Bill, but we’re very appreciative of it now.  I’m personally advocating for Bill Nye’s show to get a second season, with one episode dedicated to explaining the science behind some of our favorite sci-fi shows. Who agrees?

Bill Nye Saves The World is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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