The Stranger Things Anime Spin-Off Will be an Original Idea

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Stranger Things has come a long way since a young girl named Eleven showed up in Hawkins, Indiana, and befriended a group of outcasts. The city of Hawkins has undergone very few changes up until the fourth season of the show, but the emergence of Vecna into the story has made it clear that nothing is going to be the same ever again and that season 5 is going to be insane given the sudden and catastrophic events that took place at the end of season 4. Vecna has struck, and the Upside Down has emerged into the real world. Before season 5 can come along, though, the Duffer brothers will be unleashing a spin-off that will take the Upside Down and its various effects to Tokyo and will involve game-loving twin brothers that will discover the Upside Down. There aren’t a lot of details to go on at this point, but the little that has been released is enough to get the wheels spinning for a lot of people, as what people will expect is bound to fuel a few rumors before the anime shows up. 

Credit: Stranger Things

Imagining the Upside Down in Tokyo is an eye-opener. 

The Upside Down has been its own world for a while now, and it can’t even be attributed to Hawkins save for the fact that there have been so many gateways seen within the city. It’s even been noted that there’s a connection in Russia, but if the nightmarish world is truly a mirror of the real world that has existed for a while, it’s fair to think that it hides behind every possible location that can be found around the globe. One can only think that there might be other spots that have been naturally thinned over the passage of time, especially if agents of the Upside Down have broken through at times for exploratory purposes. It could be that legends and myths were created for a reason and that the Upside Down could have something to do with that. 

The cultural differences might make this spin-off highly intriguing. 

There was enough cultural difference between Russia and America, but it does feel as though this could be experienced in an even greater way with an anime spin-off that is set in Hong Kong. This could be a big step forward in a new direction with Stranger Things, and it could be a positive one as well. There’s bound to be much more that will go into this idea, but it does sound like something that will be able to show another aspect of the show and possibly, maybe, hopefully, end up creating yet another idea that could expand the live-action show even further. Stranger Things, the main show, is set to be done and over with as of season 5, but it feels as though other spin-off ideas could come along that might further the story and create other points of interest that might keep things rolling along for a while if the Duffer brothers feel so inclined. 

credit: Stranger Things

It has yet to be seen how far the Upside Down’s influence has spread. 

It might not be the overall idea, but more spin-offs could end up creating a widespread story that would cover nearly every area of the globe. This idea might be a little too grandiose, unfortunately, but it could be something that might grow into an attempt that might keep the story alive for just long enough to make it feel as though the rest of the world might have a clue what Hawkins is going through. It would certainly speak to the tenacity of the Upside Down and the fact that the world appears to be one giant, living organism that can find its way into the real world when it’s given an opening. The Duffer brothers might decide to do one spin-off and call it good with season 5, but it does feel as though this story could be pushed a little further if there was enough desire and if there were enough branches of thought that might keep the influence of the Upside Down spreading in various ways. 

It makes one wonder how strong the Upside Down really is. 

This was seen in part since Vecna’s arrival and subsequent adaptation to the Upside Down, and his eventual ascension to its overlord made it clear that, coupled with his power, the volatile landscape had become a seriously dangerous place. But with the revelation that he was about to open the gate between the Upside Down and the real world, it became even more insane, given that it meant that an unsuspecting world was about to be inundated with something that no one would be ready to deal with. The spin-off makes a person think that Hong Kong is going to be in for a serious shock if that’s the direction the spin-off is headed. 

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