Five Actresses Who Should Play Nikki Haley in a Movie

Five Actresses Who Should Play Nikki Haley in a Movie

Born  Nimrata Randhawa, Nikki Haley is someone that has done quite a bit in her political career and has become known to many for several different reasons. Considering all that’s been happening in politics lately it’s hard to think that a movie won’t be made about the overall mess that’s been going on a some point, which means actors will be needed eventually for many roles. For Nikki there are several women that would likely work out when it comes to Nikki’s part but there are definitely those that would work better than others. When it comes to playing politicians of any caliber there are many actors that can do such a thing and many that are okay but might need an extra push or to stand aside and allow someone else to fill their spot simply because they’re not quite as convincing. Here are a few women that could play the part of Nikki:

5. Tina Fey

Tina is usually well-known for comedy and doesn’t always step out of her comfort zone, but when she does she’s still just as good at it since she is a skilled actress and can perform as needs be. For something like this it would likely come to pass that people would be expecting to laugh simply because she does provide a good bit of comedy in a lot of movies. But in this case it might be a nice surprise to see her play a straight and non-comedic role the entire way through, but still show the customary attitude that so many people are used to. Tina can do drama and she can be convincing but people definitely seem to prefer her comedy.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

She might seem like an odd choice since she’s another actress that doesn’t always opt for drama but in terms of looks and simply trying to get close to someone that could pass as Nikki it does seem as though Sarah might fit the bill well enough to make it work. Her acting ability has been tried and proven throughout the years and while she doesn’t get mentioned quite as much as other premier actresses she’s still the subject of many discussions now and again since she’s hard to not notice or say anything about when it comes time to consider who should play what role and how impressive she’s really been in the past.

3. Jennifer Aniston

In a way it’s easy to state that Jennifer can play a lot of roles and make them convincing since she’s been seen to be the caliber of star that is skilled enough to take on a great number of roles and make them into something that people will find convincing and pleasing to the eye and ear. Whether or not she would take this kind of role is hard to say since she usually seems to go for something meaningful and in some cases comedic. But it would be a nice challenge for any woman that took on this role since Nikki has a long and very storied history with politics and it could be a very big challenge to anyone that wanted to make it work.

2. Cobie Smulders

Lately she’s been known more for her contributions to the MCU since she’s been a substantial part of the cast and has been in a handful of the movies in one way or another, but for this role it does seem as though she would be very well suited and could pull it off without much of a hitch. That being said she’s definitely a capable actress and does have the right look that might put her at the front of the list if several other actresses either didn’t want it or had scheduling issues that tend to crop up at times. It would be a definite change of pace from the MCU where action seems to be the order of the day quite often.

1. Sandra Bullock

She might not be the best number one pick but she does have the acting ability and the pull in Hollywood to make such a thing a possibility since she’s been around for a while now and has been able to take the role of one character after another that has helped to redefine her in a big way and give her an impressive background when it comes to various roles that she’s undertaken. Sandra might not be the favorite to take this role when it comes to others but she has proved that she has the ability to do so much more than what she’s done thus far. Sandra has become one of the legends of Hollywood so it’s fair to say that she could do just about anything at this point.

Who would actually take the role is always up for debate since someone has to be brave enough to make the movie first.

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