Okoye vs. Shuri: Who Deserves the Black Panther Mantle More?

Okoye vs. Shuri: Who Deserves the Black Panther Mantle More?

Okoye’s Strengths and Shuri’s Potential

There’s no denying that Okoye is a formidable warrior, having proven her mettle time and again in the MCU. She would undoubtedly make a fantastic Black Panther. However, several factors complicate this decision, not least of which is the underestimation of Shuri. Perhaps the MCU hasn’t fully showcased her abilities yet, or maybe it’s because she’s become a fan favorite without being portrayed as the skilled fighter she is in the comics. Shuri’s intellect is her most significant asset, while Okoye’s martial prowess makes her a worthy contender for the Black Panther title. It’s as if the MCU deliberately divided the best qualities of one character into two, creating a challenging dilemma. Choosing between them isn’t easy, but it’s safe to say that they can’t both hold the title. However, it’s worth noting that Shuri has designed more than one suit.

Could Shuri and Okoye Share the Mantle?

Shuri’s lack of martial skills shouldn’t be a significant issue, as she’s young and has ample time to learn. However, teaching Okoye everything she needs to know about being the kingdom’s defender, which entails more than just being an expert fighter, could prove challenging. But between the two women, they could form a formidable duo that would serve Wakanda better than a single individual. This idea might not be the most popular or acceptable, as two rulers might not be fully embraced by the people. But consider this: if Okoye became the kingdom’s defender and Wakanda’s public face, Shuri could retain her position as head researcher, scientist, and additional protector.

Challenges of a Dual Leadership

There are factors that make this idea less feasible, such as the potential power struggle between Okoye and Shuri as they determine who would be Wakanda’s primary voice. Convincing the people that two voices are better than one would likely be a tough sell. Wakanda has always had one ruler, and replacing one with two could cause more harm than good. It would be confusing and could lead some to believe that it takes two women to replace one man. Thankfully, that’s not the case, as T’Challa, rest in peace Chadwick Boseman, was an expert fighter and highly intelligent, but not quite on the same level as Shuri. It’s debatable whether he could have been bested by Okoye. The two women could potentially work together, but the real question is whether they would.

Would Shuri and Okoye’s Relationship Suffer?

They’ve been friendly enough in the movies thus far, as both are essential to Wakanda. However, when it comes to ruling the nation, their relationship could take an uncertain turn that might not be conducive to their previous seamless collaboration. The role of Black Panther has been in Shuri’s family for generations, and changing bloodlines would be a massive issue that would shake Wakanda and potentially cause friction between Okoye and those she’s served for so long. Her ascension might not be a problem for all fans, but it could prevent her from being fully accepted. It might even work against her, creating a significant moral dilemma. However, many fans believe she would be the perfect leader and protector of Wakanda, possibly keeping Shuri’s family close for various reasons.

Shuri’s Promise as the Next Black Panther

Shuri has immense potential, and it’s unfair to discount her. She could learn the necessary fighting skills once she returns, having been a victim of the Blip. With the Dora Milaje’s help, she might have a chance at becoming Wakanda’s next protector, creating a Black Panther who is highly intelligent and capable in the field. However, it could take some time for Shuri to become the great fighter her brother was. It’s still an idea worth considering.

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