Brienne of Tarth vs. Red Sonja: Who Wins?

Brienne of Tarth vs. Red Sonja: Who Wins?

Comparing one swordswoman to another in pop culture isn’t too tough since there aren’t quite as many when compared to men. But when sorting out who’s the toughest and most skilled among them, there are a few names that come to mind since they’re rather extraordinary when one thinks about it. Red Sonja and Brienne of Tarth are quite different in appearance and approach to battle, but the fact is that both of them are insanely skilled and have been seen to take down opponents that some might feel are well beyond them. Through savagery and cunning and with a skill level that surpasses many, Red Sonja has become a legend that many have spoken of in the past. Brienne of Tarth is a new addition to pop culture by comparison, but the fact is that she was created as a warrior that was not meant to offer any real sex appeal but is more or less a fighter that can hold her own against any opponent that stands before her. Both women are more than a little skilled when it comes to the art of fighting, but pitting them against one another feels like a challenge that might be a fight worth watching. 

Many people would likely place Red Sonja above Brienne in a heartbeat for practical reasons, mainly because Sonja has taken on such legendary proportions and has fought against all types of threats that have been set in her path. This is a woman that’s on par with Conan the Barbarian after all, which means that she’s insanely tough and despite her lack of full armor can fight like a being possessed at times. There’s no doubt that her appearance is designed to satisfy a fantasy that many men have, but the reality of the character is that she’s one of the deadliest warriors that’s ever been created. 

All the same, it’s not wise to underestimate Brienne, since her time in the Game of Thrones series has seen her take on many opponents that were thought to be more skilled and far stronger than she was. Her fight with the Hound is a good indication that she’s tougher than people think, and her use of armor is a slight hindrance to her enemies since Brienne does go around wearing full plate armor, which is largely impervious to many attacks. On top of that her skills are impressive since she’s managed to hold her own or dominate many opponents. Some might want to state that this doesn’t mean much since she hasn’t gone up against the same types of opponents that Sonja has, but this still feels as though it would be a good fight simply because it’s pitting two of the best fictional swordswomen against each other in a fight that could be a lot closer than people might think. The reason for this is that while Sonja has fought quite a few opponents that might give Brienne pause or destroy her entirely, it’s very possible that Brienne might have a few surprises in store for the red-haired warrior. A lot of fans might think that Sonja would annihilate Brienne in short order, but I do believe that this would be a decent fight that wouldn’t end quickly. 

One reason for stating that Brienne might last longer than others is the fact that Sonja, intelligent as she is as a fighter, goes for heavy-handed blows more often than not to end a fight, and what’s been seen in GoT is that Brienne is a tactical fighter with the capability of being brutish when she needs to. If there’s anything that’s going to carry this fight for Sonja, apart from a power blow or two that might incapacitate Brienne, it’s the fact that she’s fast and isn’t always the battering ram that people have made her out to be. Folks should remember that Arya Stark stands a good chance of besting Brienne thanks to her quickness and agility, so coupling those qualities with brute force and the ability to withstand a great deal of punishment does make it apparent that Sonja would have the edge. But dismissing Brienne out of hand is still a huge mistake since her durability is well noted, and might surprise the fiery, redheaded warrior

One has to remember that Sonja is still human, and despite her berserk rage, she’s still vulnerable at times and can be wounded. But six or seven times out of ten it does feel that Sonja might be able to wear Brienne down thanks to her experience in dealing with all types of enemies, from the most heavily armored to the supernatural. Brienne is an amazing warrior that has held her own in a male-dominated world, but Red Sonja has, at times, made it her personal mission to remind her enemies that being a woman doesn’t make a bit of difference. 

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