Ranking The 10 Best Female Warrior Characters in TV History

Ranking The 10 Best Female Warrior Characters in TV History

There have been a lot of awesome warriors depicted on TV over the years and there have been some among them that have captured our imagination like none other, but there’s been a growing trend for decades now that’s been equally awesome, and to be fair, it started long before a lot of individuals were born. The female warrior has been a mainstay of pop culture for a lot longer than some folks tend to realize, and they’ve been growing in number for years now. Some of the best fighters on TV have been women in recent years and while some of them can’t really hold a candle to a lot of their male counterparts who are of equal strength and/or skill, many of them are still pure awesome since they possess the talents and powers that have helped to make them stand out amidst the crowd.

Here are ten of the most awesome female warriors from TV.

10. Buffy Summers – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Having come from a movie that needed to become a cult classic to be considered that great, this show really managed to put the fire back in Buffy’s character as she went around killing vampires and making new friends throughout the long run of this series. So she fell in love with a vampire, things happen. But this show did become one of the most appreciated series of its time, and people still talk about it.

9. Peggy Carter – Agent Carter

After her time spent in Captain America: The First Avenger, her name kind of speaks for itself since she has nerves of steel and a vicious punch to back up her attitude. But one great thing about Carter is that she’s a pretty fair-minded individual that wants to make the world a better place. The thing is that she won’t often hesitate to speak her mind and give someone else a piece of it if she feels the need.

8. Michonne – The Walking Dead

This woman came into TWD like a buzz saw as her katana was laying out the undead and occasionally the living when there was a need. Watching Michonne decimate a sizeable group of walkers was enough to think that it was best not to mess with this woman unless it was from a distance. But as her story integrated with the others she eventually became just as complicated as the story she was a part of.

7. Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones

This was a difficult woman for some folks to grow attached to since from her acerbic attitude to the fact that she was an abusive drinker at one point, Jessica was a different human being altogether. But the fact is that when she was sober she was pure awesome, even with the attitude.

6. Brienne of Tarth – Game of Thrones

Let’s say this, anyone who can take down the Hound has a special place on this list. Brienne is the kind of woman that likely grew used to people thinking of her as a man since she didn’t hold herself as a lady or even bother to practice the niceties that many women learned from their younger years. But she was one of the toughest warriors around, and that’s more than enough to make her one of the most interesting women on this list.

5. Melinda May – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Working under her own initiative and not being affected by anything supernatural or biological, May is by far one of the toughest on the team. But there was a particular moment when she was handling a certain artifact that she became absolutely enraged, the danger she can represent became even greater. There’s no doubt that she’s one of the more impressive members of the team, especially when she has no restraints laid on her behavior.

4. Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

Hey, if Peggy Carter made the list, then Daenerys HAD to. She’s not a great combatant, but her force of will and the fact that she started out with three dragons that looked to her as their mother is more than enough to look at this woman in awe. Add to that the fact that she survived a couple of blazing infernos without a single wound and it’s time to admit that Daenerys is a truly awesome sight.

3. Diana Prince – Wonder Woman

There was absolutely no way to leave her off of this list since she did start out as a TV show and people still talk about how she used to spin to change her clothing. But one can’t help but admit that she’s a pleasant memory from back in the day.

2. Xena – Xena: Warrior Princess

Yep, you absolutely had to know that she would be on this list since she wasn’t the black and white type of character, as her exploits touched upon a lot of gray areas in her time on screen. But for all that, Xena was still an awesome fighter to watch since it’s not everyone that would be able to use a chakram and look cool while doing it.

1. Arya Stark – Game of Thrones

So I’ll admit a personal bias on this one since Arya entered the show being one of the least expectant characters to develop into what she became, a stone-cold killer that could slice a man’s throat as easily as buttering a slice of bread. And being able to wear another person’s face to get close for a kill? THAT is classic.

Female warriors are downright scary sometimes, but impressively and deservedly so.impressive members of the team

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