Maybe It’s Time for an Alita Sequel

Maybe It’s Time for an Alita Sequel

Maybe It’s Time for an Alita Sequel

It does kind of feel like we were left hanging when Alita ended, doesn’t it? This compelling story about a young woman who’s not so young and is a cyborg to boot and one of the most powerful out there, and just one movie? As those at CinemaBlend have already stated the ‘need’ for a sequel is firmly built in to this story since the flashbacks and the exposition about who Alita is and what her mission was before she was consigned to a scrap heap kind of build up a story that doesn’t get fully realized by the end. It’s obvious that her mission was to take down the elevated city of Zalem and bring an end to Nova’s schemes, but at the end the maddening part was that we got to see Alita standing with an upraised blade, firmly pointed at Zalem, and Nova from on high, smirking in obvious pleasure and arrogance. That simply begs for another movie, and possibly another one after that, but the idea needs to be rounded out in a much bigger way than that, as the supposed big bad of the first movie, Grewishka, is obviously no match for Alita and was dispatched before she spoke to Nova through Vector. The threat that Nova poses is obvious as he can apparently speak through various individuals within Iron City, though it’s not yet known how far his reach goes. If he can control pretty much anything that’s connected to Zalem, it’s not hard to believe that he might be able to find a way to control anything and anyone. That leaves Alita with few options but to find a way to Zalem and discover a method by which she can take Nova unaware, if that’s possible, and end him for good. 

That opens up another question though: would it be enough? So far as we know from the movie, Iron City is the squalor that exists beneath Zalem, which is supposedly a paradise where only ultra-rich and influential are allowed to exist. But what happens if its ruler falls? It’s certainly not the only city in the world, though we have yet to see a whole lot of Alita’s world, so imagining what else is out there, as far as there being other cities like Zalem, is hard to do at the moment. But simple human deduction definitely implies that there are more settlements, more cities, and more places that Nova might have infiltrated, or possibly harbor allies and other useful minions that could make Alita’s life a lot more difficult. There are so many possibilities that it’s a wonder why nothing has been started on this as of yet, but one big reason that DigitalSpy gives makes a lot of sense, and it’s because Alita now belongs to Disney following the Fox merger. If that doesn’t make you blow out a breath of frustration and roll your eyes then it’s likely you’re of the mind that Disney will do what Disney wants and oh well. In the long-term bringing Alita back wouldn’t be a bad move for Disney, but keeping it just the same as it was in the first movie, dark, edgy, and gritty, would be preferable. Disney isn’t afraid to go dark after all as it’s been proven with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but given the current social climate it’s hard to say just what might happen should the Mouse House finally decide to give the okay on this sequel. 

Hopefully not much, if anything, would change, since fans of Alita have become fond of her just as she is. But anyone that’s seen what happens when Disney gets hold of something should be aware of what’s bound to happen, meaning a great deal of change that might still run concurrent with the original idea, but will do so from a perspective that makes little to no rational sense. At this time though there’s not too much to worry about since the whole idea of making a sequel is still desired but it’s kind of up in the air and has yet to be given a release date. People are talking and telling the studio what they want, and they’ve been pretty adamant about it as those at IndieWire would gladly point out, but whether or not Disney is bound to listen is hard to say since there are a lot of projects on the docket at this point and Alita might not be seen as a huge priority just yet. That does mean however that while she’s not high on their list now it could happen that she will get a sequel eventually, so the best we can do at this point is just cross our fingers and hope for the best. When it comes to Hollywood this is pretty common, but when it comes to Disney, crossing your fingers is definitely better than holding your breath. 

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