Everything You Didn’t Know About Tom Felton’s Life After Harry Potter

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Tom Felton was only 13 when his life changed. He knew he was doing something big with his life at the time, but he had no idea just how big. He was cast as the unlikable Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise movies and became a household name and famous face. Considering that he grew up so well, it’s unsurprising to learn that his former co-star, Emma Watson, was smitten. She played the intelligent and lovely Hermione Granger and was head-over-heels in love with Tom Felton. The problem for Emma, however, was her age. She was 10 to his 13, and there was no chance in their childhood that anything would come of it. But she loves him, and he loves her in return. They are now the very best of friends. It makes us wonder what else we didn’t know about Tom Felton and his time as Draco Malfoy.

Tom Felton Knew Emma Watson Had a Crush on Him

He was aware. She thought she was hiding it well, but she was not. She was excited every day when he was on the set with her, and it all started over an assignment during one of their school sessions. The assignment was to draw a photo of what God looks like to you, and Emma Watson said Felton drew a girl with a hat on backward on a skateboard, and that was that for her. She was smitten from that point on. Felton knew about it from someone in a makeup chair. He didn’t have the same feeling for her, but he did have feelings for her. Protective feelings.

He found out about her crush, and they formed a bond that they still have even decades later. They’re both in their 30s now, and they’re still closer than most people. Tom Felton has always been tremendously protective over his friend Emma, and he took care of her when she was younger. He always felt he had to protect her, and it was just a natural part of their friendship.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson Are Not Dating

They are not dating, and we don’t think they’re dating anyone else. We know that Watson was dating an American businessman for a long time, but that ended. We also know that Draco was dating the woman who played his wife at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ends, but things didn’t work out for them, either.

However, the two are wonderful friends. Watson and Felton regularly spend time with one another. Their friendship has lasted decades now, and they make sure to spend as much time tighter as they can when they are in the same area of the world and often share their photos online. They are not shy about their friendship, but they always deny any rumors that they are dating, and we aren’t certain they will ever end up together. Their friendship seems too important to each.

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Tom Felton Suffered from Mental Health Issues

What does a handsome young man with a famous name, a big career, and everything to offer have to be depressed about? Well, for Tom Felton, it was the fact that his career stalled significantly following his Harry Potter days. He spent a decade making movies and was an adult without a job. He was an actor living in LA with everything you might think you wanted, but he couldn’t land a job. No one wanted to give him a job because of the predisposition that he was the kid from Harry Potter. He was working harder than ever and getting nowhere fast, and his mental health was suffering.

Tom Felton didn’t think he could talk about it at the time, though. He didn’t think anyone would understand because his life looked so good from the outside. Thankfully, he credits his friends for noticing that he wasn’t himself. They realized he was dealing with substance abuse issues and that his health wasn’t where it needed to be, and he got the help he needed.

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Recording His Memoir Was Difficult

When Tom Felt decided to share his story, he wrote a memoir. That was a challenge in and of itself, but the audio recording got to him. He was emotional reading about his own life through his own words, which brought him a lot of clarity. He’s now seeing how far he’s come, and he’s in a good place.

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