10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paula Usero

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paula Usero

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paula Usero

Paula Usero has only been acting in TV shows for a few years, but you’d never be able to tell by watching her work. The talented Spanish actress knows how to put on a great performance every time she steps in front of the camera. Her dedication to her craft can be seen in all of the roles that she plays, and she’s been building a solid foundation for a long lasting career. She is best known for her roles in Amar es para siempre (Love is forever) and #Luimelia. Paula has already touched countless people across the world with her work, and she has a lot more where that came from. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Paula Usero.

1. She Got Her Start When She Was A Kid

Paula may be somewhat new to the TV world, but she’s not new to acting altogether. She has actually been her career doing commercials when she was still in elementary school. According to one of her fan pages, Paula said, “When I was seven years old I was doing a lot of commercials because my aunt went to an agency and showed a picture of me that, apparently, must have been very popular because they started calling me to audition”.

2. She Used To Get Bullied At School

It’s easy to look at Paula’s life and assume she’s had it easy, but that’s not entirely true. When she was younger, she dealt with a lot of bullying. Lots of kids were cruel to her because of her work in commercials and she eventually asked if she could leave traditional school. Ironically, many of the people who used to bully her now reach out to her on social media.

3. She Loves The Outdoors

Paula doesn’t always need a red carpet and bright lights to have a good time. She often seems to prefer something much simpler. Paula looks forward to spending time outdoors. She loves and appreciates the beauty of nature and enjoys doing things like swimming, hiking, and simply soaking up the sun.

4. She’s A Writer And Producer

Paula has spent the bulk of her career in front of the camera, so there are lots of people who think acting is the only thing that she does. However, she is also a writer and producer. In addition to producing two short films, she also wrote an episode of #Luimelia in 2021.

5. She’s Into Fashion

In theory, anybody can wear anything – but not everyone has what it takes to pull it off. That’s where style comes into play. Fortunately for Paula, that’s something she has plenty of. She loves fashion and has the confidence to rock just about anything. Whether she’s going to a major event or just having a chill day, Paula always shows up with style.

6. It’s Unclear If She’s Had Acting Training

Although we were able to find information on how Paula got into acting, we weren’t able to find any information on whether she’s ever gone to any kind of acting school. Since she started her career at such an early age, it’s probably safe to say that she didn’t have any training when she first got in the industry.

7. Playing Luisita Helped Build Her Confidence

Every actor has at least one role that changes their lives both on and off screen. For Paula, Luisita has been that role. According to her fan page, she said, “Luisita has made me more courageous. It is the first work with which I have obtained recognition, not only from the public, but on an internal level. It has allowed me to become more powerful in front of the cameras, to stop being invisible and to make my words important and to go beyond the screen”.

8. She Likes Taking Pictures

Acting may be Paula’s job, but it looks like photography is one of her favorite hobbies – and she’s actually very good at it. Paula loves taking pictures and her Instagram is full of some of the beautiful shots she’s taken. Many of her photos contain images of food and things in nature.

9. She Feels That Social Media Can Be Toxic

People who work in the entertainment industry are expected to be active on social media, but sometimes the internet can get overwhelming. While Paula does have an Instagram account, she told La Voz De Galicia that she deleted her Twitter account because she felt that the app was too toxic.

10. She Enjoys Traveling

Paula loves to get out and see the world and that’s something she’s been able to do a lot of over the years. She enjoys the experience of visiting different places and learning about other cultures. Plus, traveling is one of the best ways for people to find inspiration.

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