Casting Brie Larson Might be a Good Way to Kill Off the Fast and Furious Franchise

It’s not usually wise to turn your back on one idea or another simply because you find it to be a little ridiculous, but the thought of Brie Larson taking on a role in the next two Fast and Furious movies, or getting a Marvel crossover moment as she appears to want, feels like it would be a good way to kill off one or two franchises. It’s not likely that such a thing would happen, but it still feels like something that would turn out to be kind of laughable. One can imagine that a lot of people might have an issue with this statement since plenty of folks happen to like Captain Marvel and the FF franchise, and might want to see what they’d be like together. Of course, some folks like the strangest things that don’t appear to go together, and that’s just something that folks have to deal with, right? As much as some folks don’t want to hear things like this, some movies require a certain type of individual, and Brie Larson is not the type that feels right for the FF franchise. 

Not once in her career has she appeared to have the attitude of someone that might fit in with the FF crowd, and again, a lot of people are bound to disagree and even cite examples showing that she could do such a thing. Captain Marvel might even be an example used, but this is another way to prove how people see things differently since the manner in which Captain Marvel was created doesn’t appear to be the same vibe as the FF movies. Granted, both Captain Marvel and the FF franchise do have a few similarities, such as the fact that they both allow their main characters to be insanely tough and fully capable of doing various things that feel like they’d be impossible, but they’re still vastly different in several ways. 

The idea of putting Brie Larson in an FF movie feels like something that could easily bring down the reputation of the movies, at least from the point of view of those that have finally grown tired of the insane plot lines and over the top action that has dominated each movie for a while now. Others might think that she would be a fine addition to the movies as they’re winding down to an end, or that a crossover with Marvel would be a great idea. The thing about this is that Brie is kind of a divisive force when it comes to a franchise, as it’s already been shown in the MCU. It’s easy to admit that Captain Marvel was a fun action movie and that her character was needed in Endgame, but from interviews and newscasts is kind of easy to see that Brie kind of established herself as someone that was fully ready to shake things up. What in the world would she do with the FF franchise? Would she try to set herself up as one of the biggest parts of the movie, or would she prove that she’s changed a bit since Endgame? 

Then there’s the idea of a Marvel crossover, which is likely enough to make a person cringe if they’re able to think their way around the overlying awesomeness that so many people attribute to the FF franchise. Trying to think of how the two franchises would fit with one another and how it could be pulled off without being too cheesy, too corny, or too insane, is tough to do since the two of them don’t really fit no matter if they’re both action-packed and they’re both prone to being kind of ridiculous. But you can bet that if someone thought it was a good idea that things would get rolling at some point and we’d be talking about another crossover that people would be ready and willing to see, and those of us with a little bit of sense in our heads would be cringing more than a little bit. The fact is that trying to lump these two ideas together manages to create a lot of possible plot holes and inconsistencies that would need to be ironed out before a first draft could even begin. 

A crossover would be great, but with the same type of movies, since the FF franchise isn’t even close to being the same, no matter how much the writers are starting to turn Dom and his crew into low-key, super-powered individuals. Trying to create a crossover by mashing genres together is a mistake in the making. Plenty of people might want to see what would happen, but even if the box office numbers rose because of it, it feels that the reputation of both franchises would suffer a bit as a result. But maybe it would work, so long as it was as close to perfect as it could be. 


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