Should Baby Driver and Fast and Furious Exist in the Same Universe?

Baby Driver 2

Out of the few crossovers that have been talked about when it comes to the Fast and Furious franchise, one that doesn’t appear to have made the cut is Baby Driver, which is kind of odd since the main character is someone that has the kind of skill set that the street racers of FF might appreciate. He’s even involved with a criminal to who he owes money, which is the only reason why he’s taking on one job after another. It is fair to think that some folks might not believe that this movie is even the same caliber as the FF franchise, but the truth is that it’s a little better in some ways since, even though it’s still filled with action scenes that aren’t entirely realistic, they’re easier to buy into than when FF starts doing the same old thing, which usually includes death-defying stunts and technology that either doesn’t exist or wouldn’t be lost to terrorists in such an easy manner. But thinking that these two movies could exist in the same continuity is pretty easy.

After all, Dom doesn’t control every street racer or wheelman in the world, and he doesn’t know everyone no matter how stacked his connections are. Thinking that Baby could be operating as a wheelman far away from Dom’s notice, since he does his best to get out of the life even as much as he’s drawn into it, isn’t hard at all. It is fun to think of who the better driver is since Baby is rather good, but whether or not he could match up with Dom or the rest of his crew would be fun to think about. As far as crossovers go this would be one of the easiest movies to use for such a project, but because it doesn’t have sentient robots or dinosaurs it might not be the most sought after. 

It’s kind of a wonder that there hasn’t been any mention of this since movies with those that have the type of driving skills that FF and Baby Driver have don’t come around as often as people think. There’s a thought that maybe it has something to do with the fact that while Baby Driver did showcase skills that require a carefully constructed scene, they still feel far more realistic than a lot of what’s seen in FF. That one difference, among many, could be why a lot of people haven’t associated the two moves with each other, but in terms of skill, it’s hard to separate them for too long. Plus, both have an obvious criminal element, though in FF this is embraced far more by the fans while in Baby Driver the criminals are divvied up since Baby is guilty of simply associating with and helping the bank robbers, whereas Dom and his crew would, in reality, be on the hook for everything from theft to destruction of property, assault, and possibly even be able to bring up on far more serious charges if one was set on getting into the illegal actions that he and his crew have performed for one reason or another, no matter how good the reason might be. 

If there’s one thing that would keep FF and Baby Driver apart it would be the adherence to realism that BD still has and still utilizes throughout much of the movie. It’s very easy to argue that realism has little to no place in the movies sometimes, but when it comes to defying the laws of physics and getting away without any serious consequences for one action or another, BD would be topped by FF without question. The fact that Dom and his crew walk away from situations that would easily kill anyone else is part of what brings people to the theater, but with Baby, it feels as though, IF there is a second movie, the reason to come back and take a look would be due to the idea that while he pulls off some incredible stunts and knows how to drive in a manner that is a bit over the top but still entertaining, his actions also come with very real consequences. 

Had there ever been an idea for a collaboration between Baby Driver and the Fast and Furious franchise it likely would have needed to find a compromise between the two to thrive since otherwise, people would likely maintain the two ideas couldn’t coexist in the same area. In the same universe, these two ideas could easily get along if they stayed in their areas, but it’s still fun to think about what would happen if Baby and Dom were put in the same movie to test their driving skills. It does feel as though Dom would be allowed to win, but Baby certainly wouldn’t make it easy for him. 

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