Can Justin Long Be The DCU’s New Flash?

Can Justin Long Be The DCU’s New Flash?
Can Justin Long Be The DCU’s New Flash?

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If you were a movie-goer growing up in the early 2000s, you probably appreciate Justin Long. And you certainly should, given how underrated he is. Perhaps it’s not that he hasn’t done enough, but it feels like he doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as he should be. Just a little recap of some of his best performances, you early 2000s kids (including me) might remember him best as the gawkish teenager Justin in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. If that didn’t show his comedic chops as an actor, his signature leading role was Bartleby Gaines in Accepted, which proved he could be a leading man. However, as his career progressed, he was being cast more in supporting roles, which he still found success in.

And by the way, if you want more Justin Long comedy, go on Netflix and watch all of F is for Family. Hearing him voice the delinquent son and bicker with his father, voiced by Bill Burr, was animated dark comedy gold. And underneath all the bickering was a deep feeling of insecurity and frustration that was expertly conveyed through Justin Long’s voice performance. If that doesn’t sell you on his acting ability, then perhaps you’re waiting for him to take on a bigger role.

Well, how about a role that puts him in the realm of Hollywood blockbusters? I’ll just say it, let’s have Justin Long as a superhero. But which one? My vote goes to Barry Allen, better known as the Flash. And yes, let him take over in the new and rebooted DC Cinematic Universe because I think it’s safe to assume at this point that Ezra Miller will probably never play the character again after The Flash movie. Or will they? Some recent, not to mention surprising reports have been suggesting that some Warner Bros. executives are still open to having Miller return to the role, given that they stay out of trouble after going through their mental health treatment.

Can Justin Long Be The DCU’s New Flash?

credit: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Will Ezra Miller Return?

First of all, the idea of Ezra Miller returning to DC, despite their past transgressions, seems outlandish. There is a chance they can revitalize their career, but they also must face accountability. That means they can no longer be playing the Flash after the movie releases later this year. If there is some merit to those reports, then I can imagine the fanbase won’t react too kindly to Miller returning. Assuming that they don’t return, which they probably won’t, DC will be in need of a new Flash. I vote for Justin Long to be the new Barry Allen for the new DCU.

Whether or not the upcoming Flash movie is a massive hit for Warner Bros., there are just too many possibilities they can pursue a Flash sequel. And let’s not forget he is also a founding member of the Justice League in every incarnation. Barry Allen’s Flash should be an essential character in the new DCU going forward, and it needs a strong actor to stick around and play him. So why not Justin Long?

The biggest difference between the two actors is the age difference. Ezra Miller is 30, and Justin Long is 44, a fourteen-year age gap that should be considered. But Justin Long, despite his age, still has that boyish appearance that has stuck with him for so long. And with a new Barry Allen most likely on the way, it’s an opportunity to give us a more mature and seasoned version of the Flash. Miller’s Barry Allen stood out among the other DC heroes by being the awkward college student struggling to have a life. Zack Snyder’s Justice League implied that he would pursue Iris West in the Flash movie, but that will likely be secondary to the main plot.

Can Justin Long Be The DCU’s New Flash?

credit: Accepted

Justin Long Could Be a Great Fit

If Justin Long were to become the new Barry Allen, his version could already be married to Iris, and he could be more familiar with the speed force. Frankly, there’s no need for an origin story, given that the CW Flash series covered that quite well. A more experienced Flash would serve for a better standalone movie that can really focus on just him. But just because he’s older doesn’t mean his personality has to change. Barry Allen was always a little socially awkward and had a bit of a dorky side to him. Sounds a lot like the comedic chops Justin Long is used to conveying in his characters, doesn’t it? Now just imagine if he were to add some superhero vibes to it. I truly think this could work better than we think.

What are your thoughts, DC fans? Do you think Justin Long can be a good Barry Allen? Even if he doesn’t play him, he should get the chance to play a comic book character that’s suitable for him.Bill Burr

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