What’s Real and What’s Fake on “The Curse of Oak Island?”

What’s Real and What’s Fake on “The Curse of Oak Island?”

One of the biggest questions in the minds of “The Curse of Oak Island” fans remains, will they find the treasure, or has it already been found? For everyone else who views the show with skepticism, there have been rumblings that the show is fake and the producers are building up the hype to boost the ratings. Which is it? Well, this depends on who you talk to. The overall consensus is that the show is “fake-ish” but not completely fabricated. There are some parts of the show that are definitely real and others that are questionable but not proven to be fabricated. Here is how we’ve come to this conclusion

The show is based on a real legend

The Lagina brothers didn’t just dream up the story about the hidden treasure that was supposedly buried on Oak Island. This is a legend that has been passed down for generations, and it is based on real historical events that actually took place. This is known. What is not known is whether or not the treasure that was rumored to be buried there has already been retrieved. In fact, for more than 221 years, treasure hunters have been sailing to the island in hopes of finding the treasure, so the Laginas are not the first to believe the legend nor spend a good share of their lives in search of it.

The Lagunas are really treasured hunters

Rick and Marty believe very much in what they are doing. They’ve dedicated their time, money, and a good portion of their lives looking for the treasure that they believe is buried on the island. They bought a stake in the island along with the necessary equipment and started excavation of the areas where they believed the treasure might be buried.

A condition of the legend has already been fulfilled

The “curse” if you will, of Oak Island, states that a total of seven people will die before the island giving up the treasure. While many people are not superstitious and don’t believe in curses or any other paranormal activity of this nature, it cannot be denied that more than seven people have already lost their lives in search of treasure. Does it mean that the find is imminent? This is anybody’s guess.

The activities are not staged

The reality television series is likely to have some amount of scripting to make it more entertaining for viewers. There are also probably dramatizations of the events, but these guys are really out there excavating and placing themselves in danger. Anything can happen when you’re undertaking such a monumental task. The stars of the show are not using props on a Hollywood stage, and they’re really on the island doing the work that they claim to do, so we’ve established that there are quite a few aspects of the show that are genuine.

Where the fabrications are likely to be

The parts of the show that stand out as being dramatized are the side stories that emerge. Rumors about clues to the location of the treasure being found in other locations, such as an old church, seem a little far-fetched. “The Curse of Oak Island” has featured quite a few different side stories and speculations that do seem overly dramatic. Of course, this is show business, even if it is a reality television series. There have to be some fillers that keep people hooked because just watching a crew dig for buried treasure wouldn’t be as interesting as the speculations, the ups and the downs that we see each week.

Just how much is really true, and how much is exaggerated?

We’d say that the Laginas are sincere in their belief that a treasure still exists somewhere on the island. They have a genuine passion for treasure hunting, and their efforts are based upon a legend that has its basis in actual historical events. For the most part, the show is grounded in reality, and the real treasure hunters are following their passion while following the suggestions of the producers of the show to make it as interesting for viewers as possible. When we say “fake-ish” it’s not meant in a bad way, and wouldn’t it be cool if they found the treasure?

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