Below Deck Down Under: The Yacht Life

Below Deck Down Under: The Yacht Life
Below Deck Down Under: The Yacht Life

The reality TV series, Below Deck which first premiered in 2013, was recently revived by its excellent spin-off, Below Deck Down Under. The latest spinoff offered viewers an inside look into the opulent world of luxury yachting and the hard-working crew that keeps these vessels afloat. As part of the ever-expanding Below Deck franchise, which includes iterations like Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Down Under made its debut on March 17, 2022. The show sets sail in the breathtaking Whitsunday Islands of Australia, adjacent to the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Below Deck Down Under is currently airing its season 2 on Bravo (season 1 aired on Peacock) and has the audience glued to their screens! The crew members are seen navigating both the picturesque waters and the intricate dynamics of yacht life. While the cast boasts an interesting blend of personalities, it’s the adventures, challenges, and occasional controversies that truly keep viewers anchored. Recently, Below Deck Down Under has found itself under scrutiny for some serious allegations, putting the spotlight not just on the glamour of the yacht life but also on the very real issues that can emerge below deck. Let’s delve into all the different aspects of the show in more detail.

‘Below Deck Down Under’: Everything You Need To Know About The Crew’s Life

Below the Deck Under Crew standing

Below Deck Down Under is a show that follows the life of a crew working on a luxury yacht as they cater to the needs of their wealthy guests. So it’s a team trying to deliver impeccable service while tackling their personal issues. The show is set against the pristine backdrop of Australia’s Whitsunday Islands as the crew navigates the challenges of the demanding charter guests above deck and the camaraderie and conflicts below.

The crew’s life is a whirlwind of long hours, quick turnarounds, and little sleep. And it’s all filmed! Plus, heavy drinking is not uncommon on the show — and it’s not just the guests who go for it. Sometimes, it’s the yacht stuff unwinding after their long hours of exhausting work. However, the allure of the yachting industry is undeniable and offers them unparalleled experiences. They explore exotic locations and indulge in rare, off-duty adventures.

How Big is the Yacht on ‘Below Deck Down Under’?

Crew of Below the Deck Under standing with captain

The yacht featured in Below Deck Down Under season 2 is Northern Sun, a Japanese yacht built by Narasaki Shipyard. It measures over 50 meters (approximately 164 feet) in length. Designed with numerous cabins, expansive decks, and state-of-the-art amenities, it provides a grand setting for both guests and crew. Northern Sun’s cruising speed is 10 Knots.

The yacht featured in Below Deck Down Under season 1 (which aired on Peacock) was Thalassa, built by Trinity Yachts. Thalassa, also known as Keri Lee III was 181 ft long. Its cruising speed was 12.5 knots.

Do the Guests on ‘Below Deck Down Under’ Get Paid?

Guests on Below Deck Down Under

The guests featured on Below Deck Down Under do not get paid to be featured. In some cases and exceptions, however, the guests are offered discounts in exchange for being filmed throughout the six-week filming period. The guests cover their own costs for the complete charter experience (which includes food, other amenities, the cost of the yacht, crew services, etc.). “Guests really do pay for their charter.” executive producer Mark Cronin also once told Bravo TV.

How Much Does It Cost to Go on ‘Below Deck’?

Food Prep on Below Deck Down Under

Going on a charter tour in one of the Below Deck yachts could cost anywhere between $80,000 per week to as high as $300,000 per week, depending on the yacht. As of 2023, in season 2, the yacht is the vintage Northern Sun and it costs $161,700 per week (plus expenses) during both peak and low seasons. If you’re trying to appear as a guest on the show, the rates could differ — you might get a discount if you know the management. If you wish to apply, you have to go through the production company and the details for it can be found here.

‘Below Deck Down Under’: Recent Controversies Around Unconsented Sexual Advances

Below Deck Down Under season 2

The Below Deck Down Under season 2 is currently under intense scrutiny due to serious allegations concerning non-consensual sexual advances involving cast members. After a night of drinking, cast member Luke Jones entered the cabin of an inebriated Margot Sisson and tried to get in bed with her. Minutes later, Laura Bileskalne climbed into Adam Kodra‘s bed, despite his clear resistance to her advances throughout the season.

Did ‘Below Deck Down Under’ Recently Fire Two Castmates?

Aesha Scott on Below Deck Down Under

The Times reached out to Jones for comments on his dismissal, but he remained silent. However, in the episode detailing the incident, Jones expressed remorse to Captain Jason Chambers, stating, “I’m sorry. And I’m just so disappointed in myself.” On the other hand, Bileskalne took to Instagram to address the incident, apologizing to Adam and admitting, “I did not realize I made him feel uncomfortable and no one should be put in that position.

Chief steward Aesha Scott and production staff played a pivotal role in managing the crises and ensuring the safety of Sisson and Kodra. Hesitant to share her perspective due to fears of exploiting the situation — Scott later revealed her heightened senses that night. She emphasized her commitment to ensuring Margot’s safety. Scott’s insight into the events played a significant role in the decisions made by Captain Chambers. The incidents led to the eventual dismissal of both Jones and Bileskalne from the yacht.

Most Memorable Moments of ‘Below Deck Down Under’

Below Deck Down Under Crew looking over

The show has recently been in hot water but it can’t be neglected that it was the proactive behavior of the staff and Aesha Scott that helped tackle the situations timely. The adventures on Below Deck Down Under, since the beginning have provided many memorable moments for its viewers. Captain Jason Chambers skillfully managed difficult guests in Green Island and showcasing his expertise when preventing the yacht from crashing into a dock was one. Chef Ryan‘s exit from M/Y Thalassa was as dramatic as it gets. The constant disagreements between Jamie Sayed and Ben Crawley were just as binding.

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