Below Deck Adventure Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

Below Deck Adventure Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know So Far
Below Deck Adventure Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

Bravo’s Below Deck Adventure is a reality TV show that premiered on November 1, 2022.  The show is the fourth project from the Below Deck franchise. The debut season of the show ran for 13 episodes and unlike the previous shows from the franchise, this show comes with more adventures and activities off the ship. The first season took place on a luxury yacht, Mercury which cruised through the Fjords of Norway. During the show, the cast engaged in activities both on and off the yacht such as exploring caves, parasailing, bicycling, and rock climbing.

The announcement for the upcoming season was made on the official Bravo Instagram page where it was announced that the new season would be premiering on May 17. The post’s caption stated; “Pack your jackets; we’re heading to Norway. Meet the crew behind Mercury when #BelowDeckAdventure premieres May 17 on 7Bravo & 7plus”. Although it hasn’t yet been announced whether or not this is the same premiere date for the U.S. and the U.K., in honour of the upcoming season we want to rank the most thrilling adventures of the show’s first season as we wait for updates on Season 2.  

Paragliding In Åndalsnes

Below Deck Adventure Paragliding

This was the most thrilling adventure of that season. The crew members accompanied by the fourth group of charter guests paraglided in the gorgeous Åndalsnes, Norway. Åndalsnes is located at the mouth of the river Rauma. Åndalsnes is a mountaineering town where tourists and locals hike up to the Rampestreken viewing platform. On their way to  Åndalsnes, the crew and charter guests passed by the picturesque village of Vatne.

Ziplining At The Geiranger Nature Park 

Below Deck Adventure Ziplining

There the group ziplined with Nathan Morley at the new nature park. Heather Gay, a star from real housewives of Salt Lake City and her friends were charter guests on the sixth episode of below deck adventure season one. They started their yacht trip stopping at Flesjeberga, it’s a scenic area with hiking. The next day Captain Kerry and the crew took Heather and some of her friends to the UNESCO world heritage site Geiranger, which is one of the most scenic areas of Norway with astonishing cliffs, fjords and waterfalls. 

Rappelling On A Mountain 

Shelby and Jodie on Below Deck Adventure

Another exciting adventure includes the visit to Valderøya. Valderøya also known as Valderøy is a small island off the west coast of Norway. These two guests took a helicopter up to the island to celebrate their engagement before rappelling down the mountain. 

Sail To Akerneset Mountains And Bike Riding Down Troll Road 

Below Deck Adventure Bike Riding

In the fourth episode of Below Deck Adventure, the crew welcomed aboard new charter guests, who were a group of friends celebrating the divorce of two of their friends. The group of older North Carolina ladies sailed with the crew to Akerneset Mountain in Norway. Akerneset is a deserted fjord farm on the slopes of Akerneset mountain along the northern shore of the Sunnylvsfjorden, Norway and is known for major rockslides. The fjord is near Geiranger, a small tourist village. The crew then ended up going to troll road to ride bikes down the steep path.

Visit To Valldal Caves 

Below Deck Adventure Valldal Caves

In the second episode, the crew visited the Valldal caves. Valldal Cave is a great tourist attraction with exciting activities such as hiking through the mountains, climbing, and rappelling into the caves. Before the crew headed for the Valldal caves they went kayaking in Uksavika, Norway

Horseback Riding In Vaksvika

Below Deck Adventure Horseback riding

Arianna Smith who was another charter guest on Below Deck Adventure who went horseback riding in Vasvika with her friends horseback riding on Icelandic horses. Mountains and stunning fjords surround Vasvika, leaving guests wowed by the beautiful scenes of the Sunnmore Alps of Norway. While it may not have offered a thrilling adventure, riding in the rain might have added some adventure to the activity.

First Night At Sjoholt 

Captain Kerry Below Deck Adventure

Mercury spent her first night at sea on the coast of Sjoholt, a small town in Norway with just 1,000 occupants. Throughout the first season, the yacht went through a lot of fjords multiple times, the yacht anchored that night in a fjord called Storfjorden, the fifth biggest fjord in Norway. The captain of the yacht Captain Kerry explained that “Fjords come up to a plateau of about 50 meters. We’ve got to anchor right in the middle of that plateau,” This made for quite a challenging adventure as anchoring in the deep waters of fjords can be very difficult.

Anchor In Misund, Then Off To Marble Caves  

Marble Caves

Towards the conclusion of the season, the crew received the final group of charter guests which included, Carol Chen who is a Singaporean fashion designer, their first stop was Midsund. They then headed to the Marble Caves for an underground picnic and fashion shoot making it a beautiful adventure. The marble mines in Bergtatt are popularly known for hosting concerts and are a beautiful attraction for tourists. 

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