A Tribute to Rock Icon Johnny Hallyday

A Tribute to Rock Icon Johnny Hallyday

The world was saddened by the recent passing of French rock legend Johnny Hallyday. He was age 74 when he died last Wednesday. He was the country’s biggest rock icon, and the loss is being felt throughout the nation. He leaves behind his legacy for grieving fans who will not forget that the impact he made in France’s entertainment industry.

France’s best kept secret

If you’re not familiar with the culture and music of France, you may not have heard of Johnny Halladay, but those who are know that within France, he was a hero of the people. Johnny’s professional career as a musician brought the influence of the American greats to French stages in one amazing entertainmer. Hallyday incorporated the look and moves of the late Elvis Presley with his open shirt, thrusting movements and glitzy adornments. His music featured elements from the music of Bully Holly and Chuck Berry. Johnny had previously played with Jimi Hendrix and the two cut an album together in Nashville, Tennessee. He also collaborated with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Contributions to France

Although Johnny’s super stardom remained within the world of those who speak the Frenchlanguage, he provided over five decades of music and entertainment for his adoring public. He was so greatly loved that the entire country went into mourning when the news about his passing was received.

Astronomical popularity

Johnny Hallyday packed out sporting stadiums by giving his fans high energy concerts that were infused with the music that came from his heart and soul. The country embraced him as a national idol and after hearing of his death, President Emmanuel Macron who was a friend of the superstar offstage, delivered the news himself and paid homage to the man who was a legend. The public responded with a united sense of loss and grief at the news. Fans immediately surrounded his residence just west of Paris. We see evidence of their devotion in the tremendous turnout and tatoos covering the arms of some of his greatest fans.

Some of his most popular songs include “House of the Rising Sun” and “Hot Legs,” which he sang in English.

Film career

Johnny was ruggedly handsome and this prompted his invitation to appear in films. He starred in”Detective” in 1984 and in the movie “Vengeance” in 2009. Johnny was a favorite in the entertainment business and the public was thrilled with whatever he did.

The cause of Johnny’s death

Although the formal cause of death has not been reported, it was known that Johnny had lung cancer and had recently been hospitalized. Although in poor health, Johnny didn’t let his loyal fans down. He was still active performing this summer.

American stars and French political figures mourn his death

Those who knew Johnny loved him immensely. He was known for the time that he spent perfoming in Paris and in Los Angelesas well. Bridget Bardot and Celine Dion were among the stars from American and Canada who share in mourning this tremendous loss. Leading political figures including Francois Hollande were in line to share their sorrow and offer condolences to a grieving public.


Johnny married his fourth wife Laeticia in 1996. The former President Nicolas Sarkozy, as mayor, officiated the ceremony. The couple had two adopted daughters, Joy and Jade, who were born in Vietnam. Hewas a family man who had shared with reporters that he didn’t consider himself to be a star. He described himself by saying, “I’m just a simple man.” ohny also has two other children. A son, Dave wtih Vartan and Laura, with actress Nathalie Baye.

Goodbye to France’s Beloved

Johnny Hallyday leaves behind a legacy of music and inspiration. France’s hero has gone home to rest and the country is grievously mourning their loss. What greater respect and admiration can a man gain in this world than to be loved by his entire country?

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