Ranking the Captains of Below Deck

Ranking the Captains of Below Deck
Ranking the Captains of Below Deck

Ever since Bravo’s reality TV series Below Deck premiered, audiences have had the opportunity to see different Captains helm the superyachts. Just as different motorboats have been featured on the franchise, each of these captains has brought their unique leadership styles to the show. Since the show premiered on July 1, 2013, it has birthed four other spin-off shows – Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Down Under, and Below Deck Adventure.

Although the Captains of Below Deck do not get replaced as often as the crews, there have been 7 captains so far. With the exposé into the world of charter boats, it’s unsurprising the show has enjoyed high viewership ratings. If there’s one thing audiences love to watch, it’s how Captains micromanage their crew and deliver a memorable yachting experience for guests. These are the Captains of Below Deck from its original and spin-off series.

Captain Lee Rosbach – Below Deck

Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck

Captain Lee Rosbach was the captain Below Deck viewers were introduced to when the franchise premiered in 2013. Besides his absence in about 9 episodes for health reasons, Rosbach helmed the motor yacht from season 1 to 10 on six superyachts. Rosbach is nicknamed the “stud of the sea” for good reasons – he has been yachting for well over 30 years, gaining his captain license at 35.

Captain Rosbach is the no-nonsense captain of the Below Deck franchise. He’s renowned for his one-liners and is not one to hold back his thoughts. He admits his patience level is “transparent,” ever ready to snap at anything and anyone. When it comes to micromanaging, Captain Rosbach is more hands-off but is quick to step in when things are about to go awry.

Captain Sandy Yawn – Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean became the first spin-off series of Below Deck and premiered on May 3, 2016. Captain Sandy Yawn was introduced to the show’s audience in season 2 as Captain of the 47 m (154 ft) M/Y Sirocco. She has remained as captain of the show. Captain Sandy filled in for Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck season 10. She stayed as captain from episodes 5 to 14. Captain Sandy has over 30 years of yachting experience and is the only female captain on the franchise.

Although a natural fan favorite, Captain Sandy has made questionable decisions with hiring and firing crew members. All in all, she has a lovable and relatable personality. However, this has often come off as being too intrusive into the crew’s life. Overall, Captain Sandy can easily be the most lovable of the Captains of Below Deck.

Captain Glenn Shephard – Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Captain Glenn Shephard on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is the second spin-off show from Below Deck. Captain Glenn Shephard has been the captain of the sailing yacht, Parsifal III, since the show premiered in February 2020. Parsifal III and Captain Glenn have a relationship that predates Below Deck. It didn’t take long for Below Deck audiences to notice Captain Glenn was almost the exact opposite of Captain Rosbach.

Captain Shephard had a more hands-on micromanaging approach and a personality trait that easily endeared the crew to him. Below Deck Sailing Yacht audiences saw he was more willing to help the crew with guest luggage and bond with guests. Captain Glenn has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Danelis “Dani” Jimenez.

Captain Jason Chambers – Below Deck Down Under

Captain Jason Chambers on Below Deck Down Under

Below Deck Down Under is the third Below Deck spin-off and premiered on March 17, 2022. So far, Captain Jason Chambers has been the captain for the two aired seasons. He began the series onboard M/Y Thalassa and Northern Sun in season 2. Captain Jason is the youngest captain on the Below Deck franchise. He comes with over 23 years of yachting experience. Captain Jason has a daughter, whom he misses every day while at sea.

He was dubbed “Captain Cutie” because of his good looks. When the series began, Captain Jason wasn’t a fan favorite for the right reasons (he had lots of admirers). His laid-back leadership style, coupled with his young age, made it easy for his crew to easily and quickly fall out of line. While there’s no doubting his professional experience, besides his 2019 marina crash, he’ll need to occasionally toughen up and incorporate some of Captain Rosbach’s no-nonsense attitude.

Captain Kerry Titheradge – Below Deck Adventure

Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck Adventure

Captain Kerry Titheradge began the fourth Below Deck spin-off Below Deck Adventure as captain. The show follows adventures on and off the yacht, M/Y Mercury. The series season 1 saw the charter cruise in the Fjord of Norway. Captain Kerry comes with a wealth of experience working in boats and yachting. His personality allows him to stay an assertive leader and easily relatable to his crew and guests. However, Captain Kerry isn’t one to take for granted, as he’s not one to back out from a brewing conflict.

Captain Mark Howard – Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Mark Howard on Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Howard began the first spin-off show, Below Deck Mediterranean. He stayed only for season 1 before being replaced by Captain Sandy Yawn. He brought his 30 years of yachting experience into the show and was one of the reasons the series was well-received. Besides being an experienced charter captain, he had a pilot license and loved flying planes and helicopters. Sadly, Captain Howard passed away in late 2021.

Captain Sean Meagher – Below Deck

Captain Sean Meagher on Below Deck

Captain Sean Meagher was Captain Lee Rosbach’s first-ever replacement. He was a last-minute replacement on Below Deck season 9. He appeared in episodes 1 & 2 of the season. Captain Meagher had a hands-on approach to micromanaging. His short time on the show was a disadvantage for him, as audiences didn’t have enough time to warm up to him. Besides, it’s not easy stepping into the shoes of someone like Captain Rosbach, who audiences had known for 8 seasons before Captain Meagher showed up. Generally, he’s the least ranked of the Captains of Below Deck.

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