The Below Deck Crew Made $168,000 in Tips This Season

The Below Deck Crew Made $168,000 in Tips This Season

The Below Deck Crew Made $168,000 in Tips This Season

As season 5 of ‘Below Deck’ is coming to an end, there are still many surprises ahead for fans of this show. The season finale ties up any loose ends from earlier in the series. The crew also receive an exciting surprise. While it makes sense to assume that the crew from ‘Below the Deck’ make most of their money from their wages and for their appearance fee in the television series, they also have another surprising source of income. The crew are given tips for their services and this year, they are particularly pleased with their haul. Between them, they have racked up an impressive $168,000 in tips.

Although it had already been a profitable season in terms of tips, it was the final charter that really gave their total a boost. Timothy Sykes, a financial guru, was the main guest for the final charter and the crew were left a whopping $30,000 tip as thanks for the excellent service they had provided. The tips are split and shared between each member of the crew. Viewers will see Captain Lee Rosbach handing out the shares of the cash to the crew before they go off to celebrate with champagne.

The crew’s windfall is revealed at the end of the season finale. Prior to being handed the money, there are tensions between the crew as they are desperately trying to keep up with their demanding guest, Timothy Sykes, who is micromanaging the crew as he attempts to organize a big surprise for the guests he has invited to the yacht.

Earlier in the season viewers saw Jen Howell having a massive fight with the crew and, in this episode, she tries to be on her best behavior and fix the bad blood with Kate Chastain. Viewers have also witnessed the fling that has been taking place between Nico Scholly and Brianna Adekeye, but Nico is now trying to pluck up the courage to end the fling.

After all their hard work and the ups and downs of the season, it seems that it was all worthwhile when they receive their tips. It is nice to see the crew finally relaxing and looking happy after all the effort they have put into looking after their guests.

This reality television series was first aired on Bravo in 2013. From the start, Captain Lee Rosbach has led the crew of the chartered mega-yacht. Each season has seen a different vessel and a new location. So far, the series has shown the crew in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands, and The Bahamas. There has also been a spin-off series called ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ which has followed the crew around the world’s oldest cruising ground.

Kate Chastain is another series regular as she has appeared since season 2 as the Chief Stewardess. Viewers will have seen her organizing and managing other members of staff and ensuring their guests have the best possible experience.

If you are a fan of this series, there is still time to catch the excitement of the season finale. It is aired on Bravo on Tuesdays and the season finale will be shown on December 12.

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