Captain Sandy Is Back On Below Deck, The Fans Aren’t Happy

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If you’re someone who writes and whose writings were intended to last more than one installment (for example, a comic book series or a TV series), one undeniable and glaring sign that you were successful in your writing is when your audience began hating a character. This just meant that they had become so engrossed in your work that they had analyzed a character to the point that they could now judge whether to love the character or not.

But what do you think would happen if a formerly-hated character was removed from the show and then they were reintroduced again later on? Well, there would be two things bound to happen. In the first one, the other characters would be upset, and in the second, the viewers would also be upset about it. And that’s what happened with Below Deck.

credit: Below Deck

More Context about Below Deck

In the Season 5 of the Mediterranean spinoff of the show, when the series was filmed in Spain, it was found out that inside the cabin of Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier, there was a THC pen and a box of Valium. Because of the presence of drugs in her vessel, Captain Sandy Yawn fired Hannah. It was later found out that those prescription medical drugs Hannah used to stabilize her mental state.

The backlash of the show did not end there. The audience’s disfavor continued when the show kept portraying those discovered chemicals as illegal drugs and that the fired stewardess was a drug user. With this controversy tainted on her, it’s needless to say that Captain Sandy wasn’t pretty much a loved character after that.


credit: Below Deck

Captain Lee’s stepping out

In the American version of the show, the previous Captain, Lee Rosbach, has been exhibiting signs of health complications. So, after the fourth episode of the show’s tenth season, he stepped out as the captain.

However, the person to replace her was the notorious captain of the Mediterranean branch of the show, Sandy Yawn. Even though the parting captain promised to return, it couldn’t alleviate the angry sentiments that the audience now had because of the replacement.

Online, several netizens even expressed their disdain for the new captain, with one Twitter user saying that the captain who made them stop watching the Mediterranean spinoff has now returned to ruin their experience with the American set-up.

Another user tweeted that they couldn’t even finish the episode in question.

How about you? What do you think about this replacement?

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