5 of The Greatest Female Jedi

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It’s a shame that Disney didn’t decide to go with the Legends canon for Star Wars since there are a great number of characters that could have benefited the franchise and a lot of situations that could have kept the fans busy for a while to come. But hey, going off on their own while cherry-picking the Legends canon was a much better idea, right? The best a person can do is roll their eyes and accept the fact that the franchise is the way it is and there’s not much else that can be done at the moment. But the Jedi that could have been introduced to a lot of fans have been relegated at this time to the Legends canon and the video games, while only a couple has made it through without too much contestation. As the franchise keeps going, it will be interesting to see if the Jedi and the Sith get renewed at some point. Until then, it’s fun to take a look at some of the top female Jedi that has been revealed over the years. 

Here are five of the top female Jedi. 

5. Rey

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credit: Star Wars

A lot of Star Wars fans would no doubt put Rey at the number one spot since she’s one of the more popular Jedi to come along in many years. But there is a reason why she’s at the bottom of this list, and it has more to do with the fact that she has yet to fully earn her stripes compared to the rest of the women on this list. Her training is still not nearly as complete as it could be, but somehow she’s been given the kind of control over her power that usually takes years to establish and even longer to master. This is why a lot of people have an issue with her ascension through the ranks, it doesn’t feel earned. 

4. Satele Shan

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Quite a few people don’t know much, if anything, about Satele since she’s shown up in games and novels and has been a lesser-known but important figure in the past. As a Grand Master of the Jedi Order, though, she was instrumental at one time in the order and managed to bolster the Jedi in a very big way in their fight against the Sith. Unfortunately, she came to her position for a very dark time, and after a while, she did step away from the order and renounced her title, choosing to go into exile after what she deemed to be a failure on her part. In terms of her power and ability, though, she was still one of the greatest. 

3. Jaina Solo

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This was a missed opportunity on the part of Disney since Jaina and her two brothers, Jacen and Anakin, could have been great additions to the current canon since their abilities, their training, and their overall inclusion into the franchise could have been a huge boost that would have kept the franchise moving forward in a lot of good ways. Jaina turned out to be one of the greatest Jedi of her generation, while her brother Anakin died during the Yuuzhan Vong war, and Jacen fell to Jaina’s lightsaber after turning to the dark side and becoming Darth Caedus. But of course, that wasn’t interesting enough. 

2. Mara Jade Skywalker

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This was another big miss by the Mouse House since it would have spared Luke Skywalker from becoming a lonely old hermit, maybe. Mara Jade was initially the Emperor’s Hand and was assigned to kill Luke, but over time she ended up allying with him and then falling in love with him. She would even bear him a son, Ben Skywalker before she was killed by Jacen Solo during his descent to the dark side. But during her time as an instrument of the Emperor and then as a Jedi Master, she was without a doubt one of the toughest and most cunning Jedi of her time since her life as a spy also made her one of the deadliest. 

1. Ahsoka Tano

Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka to get her own Star Wars show on Disney Plus -  Polygon

credit: Star Wars

It’s kind of a toss-up as to who is the most powerful and the most popular female Jedi at this time since Rey and Ahsoka are both heavy hitters when it comes to this category. But the general idea is that if these two ladies ever came to blows, Ahsoka’s superior training would likely kick in, and she would end up thrashing Rey. But then again, the fact that they’re both out to help people and not harm them would no doubt come into play, and it would be a team-up for the ages if such a thing could ever happen. As it stands now, Ahsoka is without any doubt one of the most impressive female Jedi of all time. 

One has to wonder what’s going to happen as the years keep coming. 

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