Star Wars Characters In Need Of Proper Inclusion Into The Disney Canon

Star Wars Characters In Need Of Proper Inclusion Into The Disney Canon

Star Wars Characters In Need Of Proper Inclusion Into The Disney Canon

If you’re looking for proper inclusion of new Star Wars characters into the Disney franchise, you might be in luck. Disney does want to make its own, unique properties within the world. This is why they have had live-action films that introduced us to the likes of Rey & Finn while still bringing back favorites like Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2D2, & Luke Skywalker. They even extended the animated world out to add several new characters within the Disney canon.

There’s only one problem, however. When they introduced these newer characters, they had to cut some from their canon universe. For example, Jacen & Jaina Solo were major characters in the “updated” universe. Jacen even goes to the dark side. You might be able to draw a big circle around Jacen Solo & Ben Solo, better known to people as Kylo Ren. That is because it’s the same character with another name, allowing Disney to have him as their invention. Therefore, Jacen had to be removed.

Jaina Solo has a lot of the same stories surrounding her as Rey ended up having too. Both had to be removed, giving us the universe we see today. While old school characters from the books have been added over the years, many believe this will be extended more. This is probably due to the decision to bring in an Obi-Wan Kenobi series as well as the known comeback of Darth Maul, someone many assumed was killed off in Episode 1.

There are many Star Wars characters that need to be seen in the Disney canon, and we decided to highlight seven of them:


Real name Galen Marek, he was born on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk just after the Clone Wars ended. While his mother died right after he was born, Galen’s father was a Jedi just like his mother. Of course, after Order 66 was instituted a major “Great Jedi Purge” took place. That led Darth Vader himself to hunt down all known Jedi, leading to his invasion of Kashyyyk.

Galen’s father, Kento, actually fought Vader and was killed by him. Vader saw great force power within Galen, however, and decided to take him on as his new dark apprentice. This was in spite of the “Rule of Two,” where there could only be one Sith Master/Apprentice. Vader was Sidious’ apprentice at this point. In secret, Vader teaches Galen the ways of the Darkside and bestows upon him his new infamous codename…”Starkiller.”

Vader used Starkiller as an assassin, sending him out on missions to kill other Jedi. Starkiller is incredibly successful and even comes close to ending Rahm Kota. However, he’s caught after being blinded by Kota. After this, Kota teaches him the Darkside is a lie and takes him on as his new Jedi padawan, guiding him in the ways of the light. Now, Marek wants to find Darth Vader and put an end to him and the Sith, for good.

He actually does find Vader and nearly puts him down, but Vader wins and nearly kills his former apprentice. Darth Sidious demands Vader kill him but he refuses, yet Starkiller decides to live up to his name and end Sidious only to be killed by the dark lord. Seriously, Star Wars characters like Starkiller are hard to replicate. The movies even name their new Empire base after the character. It’s time to bring him in!

Freedon Nadd

In the Ancient timeline, the word “Darth” did not accompany many Sith Lords. Freedon Nadd made a lasting impression on the Sith, which would be felt for many years to come. Originally, Nadd was a Jedi prodigy that most felt could become a major asset for them. Incredibly talented and skilled, Nadd was ahead of most students/padawans. However, there was something dark inside Nadd that was begging to get out. Nadd trained under Jedi Master Matt Tremayne, one of the few who could match him.

Freedon lusted after Tremayne’s power and eventually killed his Jedi Master, immediately renouncing his Jedi ways. While some in his position might go into hiding, not Nadd. He went to the heart of the Sith Empire where he’d attain major dark force knowledge. Selfish and hungry for more power, he’d constantly try to seek more. Few could match him by this point, leading Nadd to declare himself the Dark Lord of the Sith.

No man offered nor any master freely gave him this title, he took it. Of course, that did not sit well with many but no one could match him. He’d conquer Onderon, where he did not meet his physical end for over one hundred years on the throne. No one ever conquered the planet while he was on the throne, and he finally just died of natural causes. It could be incredible to see Freedon Nadd in the Disney canon for films/tv shows.

He’s one of those Star Wars characters that most people would instantly fall in love with, and he could become just as important as other notable dark force leaders before him.


Originally, Abeloth is only a servant of the Mortis ones. They were like family to her, allowing her to reach the prominent position of “Mother” in this group. Yet one day, she drank from the “font of power” and bathed in the “pool of knowledge.” Due to this, she became corrupt with her newfound power and became a spirit of chaos. No longer a true physical being. While she was impressed by the power of “The Father,” she broke away and decided to take out full worlds.

Wherever she went, Abeloth was known as the “Bringer of Chaos” or the “Queen of the Stars.” These came as a result of the destruction she left on countless worlds. Her force power was as high or higher than any of the Star Wars characters you know and love today. She can teleport, plant avatars anywhere, manipulate lightning, and twist minds or turn people evil. She could also trap people in force stasis, something very few force users in history could do effectively.

Oh yeah, and she paralyzed young Ben Skywalker (Luke’s son). Abeloth also injured Luke Skywalker himself, as she is known to have roughly twelve times the force strength as Luke. When you talk power, she has it in abundance, clearly. It took forever to stop her, and “The Ones” had to use their own home to imprison her. They are celestial beings, and the most powerful Star Wars characters known. The “Son & Daughter” are the ones who trapped her there, keeping her spirit from destroying other worlds.

Sith or Jedi, if you land on her planet, she remains in full control and has been known to use the planet’s fauna to end anyone she feels like. Abeloth would be an incredible addition to the true Disney canon for sure!

Darth Bane

We’re sort of cheating here, but we’ll explain. Darth Bane is technically within the Disney canon, but not. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they also acquired the rights of all books and novels. But any comic book, novel, or regular book would be rebranded as “Star Wars Legends.” This became officially non-canon for Disney by April 2014, two years after Disney bought Lucasfilm. Yet Disney does canonize about six legends. All but one were seen or mentioned in previous movies.

The “one” in all of this was Darth Bane, who Disney allows as canon. But every story surrounding him is non-canon, which kinda kills a lot of the character. Most love Bane, and it is not hard to see why. He was known to have gotten closer to the dark side of the force than anyone else during his time. While at the Korriban Academy, he actually impressed teachers and fellow students alike with his talents. Yet he did not feel he belonged and never realized how powerful he was until his time at the academy.

He decided to go rogue and leave the academy, as they had nothing they could teach him. Bane would find success on his own, managing to control his own empire! Known as the Sith, Bane put forth several rules and regulations they’d follow for many years to come, including the Rule of 2 we referred to earlier. He felt the force was so important that only the best should be teaching it to others. Bane ruled for a long time, and once came close to coming back from the dead as a force ghost.

Darth Bane is one of the most critical Star Wars characters in history and should be recognized properly within the Disney canon in our view.

Nomi Sunrider

Nomi Sunrider was one of those Star Wars characters that never should have existed. In fact, it was her husband, Andur Sunrider, that was trying to become a Jedi, not her. Yet her life forever changed when the two took a trip to the Stenness System. They were ambushed by Bogga the Hut’s gang members there due to carrying Adegan Crystals, leading to the death of Andur. Due to the passing of her husband, Nomi decided to become a Jedi for Andur.

She trained under Jedi Master Thon who was one of the most notable, skilled Jedi Knights of their time. As a trained Jedi, she went to Onderon to save fellow Jedi Knight Ulic Qel-Droma. Both were critical in bringing down the Freedon Nadd Uprising at the time, saving the planet from a Sith takeover. However, Ulic eventually turned to the Darkside and began training with the notable Sith Lord, Exar Kun.

During the “Great Sith War,” Nomi spotted Ulic in battle and watched him kill his own brother, Cade. She was so emotionally distraught over this, she channeled incredible force power that few before her had ever been capable of. Nomi literally severed Ulic’s connection to the force, which helped put an end to the war. While Ulic turned back to the light side eventually, he never could connect to the force properly again.

The Jedi used Nomi for many more missions. The respect she had was so immense among her fellow Jedi that she was named the Jedi Grand Master. Nomi was one of the first women in the universe to ever accomplish such things. Disney could get a lot out of Nomi, as she’s one of those Star Wars characters you could market several shows or movies on.

Exar Kun

Confident to his inner core and as skilled as they come, Exar Kun is 0ne of the most incredible Star Wars characters in history. Originally, Kun trained in the light side of the force as a Jedi. But his curiosity made him crave more knowledge. The Jedi tried to keep students from “forbidden knowledge.” Anyone who came across it would learn numerous parts of the force, often corrupting them. In fact, Kun’s Jedi Master, Vodo-Siosk Baas, told him he was not ready for nor could he handle such knowledge.

This only angered Kun, causing him to leave the Jedi Order and search out the knowledge of the Sith on Onderon. There, he was taken to the tomb of Freedon Nadd. Exar spoke with Nadd via Freedon’s force ghost. Nadd agreed to train Kun, assuming he could take over Exar’s body once he fully corrupted him.

Nadd planned to corrupt and “injure” Kun, making him call out for help. When he did, Nadd could swoop in. Of course, Nadd injured Kun and told him he’d only help if Exar turned to the dark force, which he did. However, Exar was too smart for Freedon’s plans. He never trusted Nadd and knew he’d pull something like this, so he banished Nadd’s spirit.

Kun proved he was smarter than what others gave him credit for. Now, he attained critical dark force knowledge from Nadd. He’d assume the Dark Lord of the Sith role, allowing him to wage a war against the Galactic Republic & Jedi Order. Known for his double-bladed lightsaber and his ability to control others, Exar Kun is incredible and would be loved by fans.


While Revan is technically connected in some part to the Disney canon, it is only via a small section of the Clone Wars. While there were plans to bring him back, it never materialized. His stories are still technically not canon for the most part either. Yet if you ask a major Star Wars fan who Disney could center a new franchise around, they’d likely say Revan. His story is incredible so that only makes sense. His once best friend, Dark Malak once told Revan:

“Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things Revan… and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.”

Star Wars characters are hard to perfect, but Revan came pretty close. Of course, Revan cannot ever be called just a Jedi or just a Sith. He made a massive impact as both in Star Wars history. Starting out as a Jedi, he thirsted for knowledge and wanted to know why his teachers kept major knowledge from the students. Revan trained with several people, such as Jedi Masters Zhar Lestin & Vanar Tokare.

In fact, Tokare felt Revan would be a champion of the Jedi Order. Yet Revan’s decision to seek knowledge worried many. Revan did become a Jedi Knight and became notable for his incredible fighting style and leadership. However, he felt the Jedi was holding him back and wanted to look for something more. The Order had rules, and while Revan also had his own code, the Jedi were constantly stopping his progression.

The Saga Of Darth Revan

Revan was a major asset in the Mandalorian War for The Republic. Using his dark force knowledge, he could relate to the Sith and knew how to fight them. This is where he created The Revanchist, an organization of Jedi that did not bend to orders from the Jedi.

After the war, Revan made a new Sith Empire on the basis that he could do what was right. It made sense, as a Jedi Civil War broke out and it is clear the Order could no longer be trusted. Revan and Malak actually attempted to take out the current Sith Emperor in a huge attack on the Sith.

This attempt led to the Emperor taking over their minds, corrupting them both fully to the dark side. That led to Revan & Malak becoming Dark Lords of the Sith, forced to work for the Empire. Yet at one point, Revan was told to take out the Jedi and was sent to crush The Republic in the name of the Sith, but at this same time, both Revan & Malak are able to rid themselves of the mind control the Emperor had on them. However, their dark force was still within them and could corrupt them once again.

Although able to remove some mind control, he still ended up killing many Jedi and capturing others. The Sith were nearly perfect with Revan, but Darth Revan’s goals did not match those of the Emperor. Revan wanted to improve & revamp The Republic while the Emperor wanted to destroy it all.

Underestimating Revan & Malak, both created a new Sith Empire with their goals in front. Best of all, they could take on any potential reaction The Emperor attempted.

Betrayal & Comeback

Revan even swayed some Sith Lords from The Emperor’s side as well as many Jedi too. But soon, Malak thirsted for the power that Revan had.  Malak was actually not well trained or experienced compared to Revan, causing Darth Revan to take Malak on as his apprentice. Of course, the Rule of Two meant that if Malak wanted to be a true Sith Lord and the sole leader of this new Sith Empire, he needed to end Master.

He needed to kill Revan. He attempted this when Jedi corned Revan. Malak fired upon a ship the Jedi & Revan were inside of. Although injured, Darth Revan as well as the Jedi escaped before the ship went down. However, Revan now knew his friend wanted him dead. Thinking he ended Revan, Darth Malak crowned himself the new Dark Lord of the Sith Empire. Yet Revan’s vision was shared with Malak.

He felt saving the Republic was a bad idea and began slaughtering many with a cruel leadership movement that made everyone fear. Meanwhile, Revan was captured and had his memory pretty much wiped to remove possible dark force corruption. The Jedi then trained him in the light side again. It seemed to work well, and Revan even made his way back onto his old ship (The Star Forge), to confront Darth Malak. It was here that he ended up killing his once apprentice and friend to regain the empire.

But The Emperor managed to capture and imprison him for around three hundred years. As you can see, Star Wars Characters like Revan and even Malak could be massive assets to the Disney canon.their canon universe

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