Dave Chappelle Jokingly Makes Fun of Louis C.K. Accuser, Calls Her ‘Weak’

In the case of Dave Chappelle making fun of a Louis C.K. accuser by calling her weak let’s get a couple of things straight right from the start. Yeah, Chappelle probably could have handled this better and come up with a better way to phrase it, but then that wouldn’t have been his style. Anyone that’s followed his career knows that like a lot of people he says what he wants and only apologizes if he really feels the need. The thing is on this particular issue, which has to deal with Louis C.K. getting caught masturbating in front of or in some way while he was involved with a woman, Chappelle feels that one woman might have gone a little too far in her accusations and the fallout from the incident might have labeled her as not fit for the career she was attempting to make.

The woman in question that accused Louis of harassment was apparently on the phone with him while Louis was allegedly pleasuring himself. Chappelle managed to leap on that by asking why the woman couldn’t just hang up the phone. Plus, the woman was attempting to make a career in comedy but was said to have quit after the incident with Louis. Chappelle really jumped on that by stating that if all it took was one incident to make a person quit a career that they supposedly loved then they didn’t have what it took for the industry anyway.

That seems like a harsh rebuke and a very controversial attitude but Chappelle has been known for this kind of behavior for quite some time now. He voices what he thinks is pertinent and at the very least will try to fact check everything so that he’s not just blowing smoke and opinion when it comes time to argue one point or another. His words might offend a lot of people, in fact I’ve no doubt that they will in this case since attacking anyone that has been seen to accuse another for sexual harassment of any kind has almost been deemed a heinous act in and of itself.

But in one way I agree with him. The woman that accused Louis C.K. is not in the wrong when it comes to his misbehavior, as Louis has to take responsibility for that and in some way make amends. But if she was on the phone with Louis and he began to masturbate it takes one click of the END CALL button to make that go away. If she was deeply offended by what he did or said then it would be feasible to talk to someone about and perhaps make something happen to Louis or his career. Just a few words in the right direction could have helped her keep the career she wanted and not bow out to something that should be a speed bump in her path, not a wall keeping her out.

What Louis C.K. did was wrong, no question. But letting people drive us away from what we enjoy is a very big sign of weakness.

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