Issa Rae Calls Out Hollywood’s Enabling of Ezra Miller’s Behavior: A Deeper Look

Issa Rae Calls Out Hollywood’s Enabling of Ezra Miller’s Behavior: A Deeper Look

Who is Ezra Miller?

It’s hard not to know who Ezra Miller is at this point. The actor has successfully made a name for themselves in Tinseltown thanks to works such as We Need To Talk About Kevin and of course, The Flash, with the latter, finally releasing his first solo film on June 23, 2023. However, the problem with Ezra Miller isn’t their acting ability; The Flash star is a gifted individual who has surely earned their spot in big DC projects, but the actor’s issues stem from their personal life that has overshadowed all the good roles they’ve done. Worse yet, Warner Brothers doesn’t seem to care as rumors have it that the studio is dead set on releasing The Flash next year. The studio reportedly spent over $200 million on the production of the feature, so the chances of the upcoming superhero flick getting axed like Batgirl are slim to none, despite the disgusting allegations levied against Miller.

Miller’s Troubling Allegations

Miller currently has plenty of charges stemming from assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment, though easily the worse is the abuse and grooming allegations. After a bizarre period where Miller disappeared, The Flash star apologized for their disturbing actions and is currently seeking treatment for their mental health issues. Below is the statement Miller provided Variety in early August:

“Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment,” Miller says. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe, and productive stage in my life.”

Miller has yet to address the numerous allegations in regard to child grooming and potentially running a cult. Reliable sources like Vanity Fair have run several stories about women who have come forward about the actor and their interactions with Miller under the age of 18. An unknown mother and her 12-year-old child in Greenfield Massachusetts were granted a temporary harassment prevention order against them. While these are still just accusations, the stories are disturbing enough to warrant the cancellation of The Flash (or a deeper investigation from the studio), yet, Warner Brothers has remained completely silent over the situation.

Issa Rae Speaks Out

In fact, it feels as if Tinseltown for the most part has remained hushed over the Ezra Miller situation. Well, except Issa Rae. The Insecure star spoke for Elle’s Women in Hollywood issue about the mistreatment of women and the actress/producer feels that we’re actually regressing on the situation, “It feels like we’re regressing, depressingly so,” Issa told Elle. “There are just too many enablers for there to be real change. People have to be held accountable.”

“There have to be legitimate consequences. Hollywood is very bad about consequences. It’s literally the worst industry when it comes to punishing people for misdeeds and actions because money will always reign supreme.” That brings us to Miller, who Issa Rae boldly calls out as an example of Hollywood enabling bad behavior, “I’m gonna be real, the stuff that’s happening with Ezra Miller is, to me, a microcosm of Hollywood. There’s this person who’s a repeat offender, who’s been behaving atrociously, and as opposed to shutting them down and shutting the production down, there’s an effort to save the movie and them.”

The Uncomfortable Truth

There’s no denying the truth of Issa Rae’s statement. Of course, Miller’s accusations are simply alleged at this point, but it’s clear that Warner Brothers is dead set on releasing The Flash despite all the confirmed charges and allegations against the star. While it’s doubtful that Rae’s words will see Warner Brothers re-evaluate the situation, it does highlight that Hollywood isn’t as progressive as it proclaims to be.

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