Ezra Miller Filmography

Ezra Miller Filmography
Ezra Miller filmography The Flash

Credit: The Flash/Warner Bros

Like Johnny Depp or Michael B. Jordan, who can play many different and unique roles that help pinpoint the actor in the creative space, Ezra Miller has had nearly nothing but extensive roles in big-name franchises across various companies. From a Harry Potter spinoff to the extremely highly anticipated The Flash film, Ezra Miller has been attached to some of the largest and expanding names and franchises in Hollywood, but that has been expected to come to a stop should toa ctor negatively appear in the spotlight soon. Below, we’ve detailed Ezra Miller, their various appearances across different forms of media and performing arts, and more, but more specifically, the filmography of Ezra Miller.

The Flash Barry Allen

Credit: Justice League/Warner Bros

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller, whose pronouns are typically they/them, or it, but sometimes even zir pronouns, has been a notable actor for their roles as The Flash in the DCEU, a secret Dumbledore family member in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, which started with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and other comedic and primarily dramatic roles. Ezra Miller was born in New Jersey, something that may not be known from their incidents in various states across the country, but the proximity to New York allowed them to overcome their speech impediment while signing opera, most notably with Metropolitan Opera. From that point, Ezra Miller quickly headed toward film, as noted from their debut being a movie to add to their earliest filmography. The actor has also appeared in various television programs outside of the known Ezra Miller filmography. However, they’re television roles are likely much more unknown than their filmography roles or even the events in their personal life. In a terrifying turn of events in the actor’s personal life and something straight out of Waco, they have been noted as having a farm with everything from guns to drugs and infants on the property.

Perks of Being A Wallflower

Credit: Perks of Being a Wallflower/Summit Entertainment

Outside of Movies

As stated above, before we get to the filmography of Ezra Miller, the actor has also had slightly less notable roles in television than in their film career that we’ve discussed and slightly dissected. Outside of the prominent filmography Ezra Miller has under their belt, they have also appeared in some unique television programs as well, though not as prominent as their filmography has proven to be, even while under near-constant scrutiny. The television appearances of Ezra Miller started the same year as their filmography, in 2008, with Cakey! The Cake from Outer Space, more notably five Californication episodes, which starred David Duchovny on Showtime. Following their appearances in Californication, Ezra Miller went directly to their subsequent roles on television, which were only more monumental than the last. Ezra Miller’s earliest television work, after Californication, appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a series that’s helped launch countless Hollywood careers. Additionally, they appeared in five episodes of Royal Pains across two seasons before Ezra Miller took on a special cameo appearance as the DCEU Flash in The CW’s The Flash series, the most DC-tying event in cinematic history as the two versions of The Flash encountered each other, this linking them both to the DCEU, but on separate Earths, as is classic DC. Most recently, Ezra Miller has extended their list of reoccurring roles on television with the role of Donald “Trashcan Man” Elbert in The Stand and continued to portray The Flash on television with an appearance in the season finale of Peacemaker.

Fantastic Beats Dumbledore secret

Credit: Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore/Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller Filmography

While Ezra Miller has the long-anticipated The Flash movie, based on the Flashpoint comic book event, currently heavy into some stage of production, hopefully, at this point, the largest franchise to date outside of the DC Extended Universe that Ezra Miller has in their filmography would be their appearance in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. However, before their appearances in major franchises from Warner Bros. with DC Comics’ related DCEU properties and the Fantastic Beasts franchise, Ezra Miller appeared in other popular films, from comedies to comedies to rom-coms, but started mostly in drama portrayals. The debut filmography role for Ezra Miller was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and gained Ezra Miller the blockbuster attention they have garnered today. Ezra Miller’s filmography roles include the Bill Hader and Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, We Need to Talk About Kevin, and The Stanford Prison Experiment, to name their most popular or notable roles. While the filmography of Ezra Miller hasn’t been too extensive, the actor has certainly made a name for themselves with not only their unique roles and how they’re taken on but also the events in their personal life in more recent years, such as proclaiming that they are Jesus, the Devil, and the Messiah all at once, and even a potential apocalypse creator.

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